We Can Help When You Have A Dental Emergency

Sometimes, it can be hard to tell if the dental issues you are experiencing should be considered a dental emergency. Luckily, we at Cleveland Family Dentistry are prepared to help you and all members of your family during emergency situations. So, in today’s blog, your Cleveland, TX, dentists will give tips on how to recognize a dental emergency and how we can help you through those situations.


Things You Might Not Know Lead to Tooth Loss

When you stick with it consistently, protecting your smile and maintaining your good oral health is a relatively simple process. The basic principles of a good dental hygiene routine – namely, keeping your teeth and gums clean of oral bacteria – and the regular professional care you get from routine checkups and cleanings can often be enough. However, when oral bacteria are able to accumulate enough to become a threat, what that threat could entail isn’t always obvious at first. Today, we examine a few consequences of allowing oral bacteria to accumulate excessively, and how these consequences can contribute to significantly higher risks of tooth loss. (more…)

How Does Extracting a Tooth Restore Your Smile?

When most people think about restorative dental care, they envision different ways to save a tooth that’s damaged or infected. While saving a tooth is the typical goal of restorative dental treatment, the overall mission is to restore your overall oral health and your bite’s ability to function properly. In some cases, that means extracting a tooth that has become a serious threat to your oral health, and often, replacing the tooth with a highly lifelike restoration. Today, we examine a few situations in which restoring your smile requires extracting a tooth, and why the procedure may be necessary. (more…)

Brush Your Teeth Better With These Tips

As a child, one of the first things you are taught to do on your own is how to brush your teeth, because we as a society know that dental hygiene is highly important to your overall health. That being said, there are always ways to step up your hygiene game. So, in today’s blog, your Cleveland, TX, dentist will share some tips for brushing your teeth better to increase the health of your smile.



How Invisalign® Impacts Your Daily Life

When your teeth aren’t aligned properly, straightening is more than just a cosmetic choice. The alignment of your teeth is essential the proper function of your bite, as well as the daily care and maintenance of your oral health. However, for some patients with crooked teeth, the need to accommodate metal braces bonded to their teeth can also seem cumbersome. Fortunately, we can help many patients avoid that need with the help of custom-designed Invisalign® clear aligners. Not only are the aligners designed to be more discreet than metal braces, but are also made to straighten crooked teeth in a much more comfortable and convenient manner. (more…)

How Dental Crowns Have Become More Advanced

In the field of dental health care, some concepts are so solid that they’ve remained consistent for decades, or longer. Dental crowns are an excellent example of this; as one of the oldest forms of restorative dental treatment, crowns haven’t changed much in their general purpose. Dental crowns are designed to protect teeth by completely capping their visible structures, which can sometimes be necessary to save the tooth from becoming severely compromised, or even lost. However, over the years, dental crowns have advanced significantly in several key areas; namely, in how they’re designed, and what they’re made from. (more…)

The Taste Of Cleveland Is Coming Up!

Springtime is almost here, which means it’s time to start on your spring cleaning- including your teeth! Come to Cleveland Family Dentistry to get a cleaning and checkup so that you and each of your family members can sport a fresh, clean smile for spring. Then, don’t forget to head to the Taste of Cleveland for a delicious, cost-effective meal on St. Patrick’s Day!


Why Needing Root Canal Therapy Is a Serious Issue

Tooth decay can affect nearly anyone, but when patients seek treatment for it, the specific ways in which it should be addressed can often differ greatly. For instance, if you catch tooth decay before it has a chance to completely destroy your tooth enamel, you may be able to save your tooth without the need for any dental restoration. If it’s already formed a cavity in your tooth, then your dentist may recommend treating it with a tooth-colored filling. However, for more serious cases of tooth decay, the most appropriate solution is often root canal treatment, which may be the last chance you have to save the tooth from being lost or needing extraction. (more…)

3 Reasons the Best Fillings Are Tooth-Colored

Since most people will develop a cavity at least once in their lives, it’s likely that you may benefit from a filling sooner or later. When a cavity develops, your dentist may be able to treat it by cleaning away the infection from the tooth structure and filling the cavity to seal it. For most patients with cavities, a tooth-colored filling can offer the best solution for treating a cavity. Not only is the filling tooth-colored, but also significantly more tooth-friendly than traditional fillings made from metal. (more…)

Visit The Tipi Venue Open House

If you are getting married or having another big event soon and want to consider some newer, nontraditional venues, you will want to check out the Tipi Venue Open House! Then, come to Cleveland Family Dentistry to consult with your Cleveland, TX, dentist and find out how we can help you get the smile of your dreams in time for your special day with cosmetic and restorative solutions for your unique smile.