Easter Favorites And Your Smile: Safe Or Unsafe?

The fun and pastel-hued side of Easter is one that includes lots of buoyant springtime happiness! There’s the fluffy sweetness of marshmallow treats, the beautiful blossoms that sway in the breeze as the kiddos collect eggs, and more! While this all sounds delightful, you are still ever-aware of the fact that lots of candy and not-so-usual treats that abound on this day might put your smile health (and that of your family’s) in the path of harm! Never fear, you don’t have to let a raincloud of concern dampen your otherwise fun-filled plans! Our Cleveland, TX team is on the scene and ready to help!


Ninth Annual Bunny Blast!

Yep, you know it’s true: Easter is hippity hopping its way closer every day and when you’ve got a family, that means your day absolutely has to include a hunt for eggs! Of course, it wouldn’t hurt if those eggs just happened to be filled with candy! Enjoy this and so much more in our Cleveland, TX community when you attend the upcoming Ninth Annual Bunny Blast!


Covering Up Smile Stains: 4 Things To Know

When you’re experiencing any type of smile stain, your first thought may be that your solution is going to include teeth whitening. While this is often the case for may patients and many types of discoloration, it is not always what you require. Did you know that we offer comprehensive cosmetic care in order to ensure you have the ability to access stain removal or to camouflage your stains? When it turns out that coverage is what you really need, it’s time to have a smile session with our Cleveland, TX team, so we can tell you just how to make your smile shine!


How To Make Tooth Decay Go Away (For Good)

Tooth decay is no joke, no laughing matter, and no fun. Instead, it can cause toothaches, it can lead to infection and the destruction of your tooth, and it can develop even when you’re sort-of caring for your smile. So, what’s a well-meaning dental patient to do, you wonder, when you are absolutely ready to say goodbye to your cavities and to keep yourself from every experiencing another one again? That’s easy, of course! Take care of the details with our Cleveland, TX team!


Cleveland Livestock Show & Dairy Day 2019

The temperatures are on the rise in Texas and when it comes to springtime fun, that’s a reminder of just one thing: The Cleveland Livestock Show & Dairy Day! This annual event is quickly approaching, so remember to mark your calendars, clear some time for a ton of family-friendly fun, and put on your best walking shoes!


Auxiliary Job Fair 2018

Have you been looking for a job? If so, you may want to add the Auxiliary Job Fair to your list of options! You’ll have access to a variety of companies seeking employees! Remember to save the date, so you don’t miss out on this upcoming experience.


Checkups And Cleanings: 3 Huge Benefits They Offer

Of course, we get it: We only suggest that you make time to schedule visits two times a year (that’s only one time every six months) for your dental checkups and cleanings. As a result, you figure these sessions with our Cleveland, TX team must not be that big of a deal. Otherwise, wouldn’t we want to see you a lot more? Plus, you brush your smile and you floss, too, so you guess that will probably let you keep your smile super clean and super healthy. Hey, who needs dental visits anyway? Actually…you do! So does everyone else. Let’s discuss a few key benefits!


That Stuff You Shouldn’t Try For A Whiter Grin

Oh yes, there are lots of amazing ideas out there when you’re trying to find ways to whiten your smile! Hop onto Pinterest, search the web, message a friend, and you will instantly find yourself faced with a long list of trendy and surprisingly compelling information. You just might be convinced right off the bat that a remedy you prepare and complete at home (or something you can quickly pick up at your local drugstore) is going to offer you the stain-removing magic you’ve been wanting for so long! While our Cleveland, TX team would love to give you the go ahead, we have to give you the red light instead. Unless it’s teeth whitening with us, it might not be safe. Let’s begin with some common things you might stumble upon but should definitely ignore!


Don’t Miss the EMCID Spring Extravaganza!

Spring is in the air, and it won’t be long before wildflowers are popping up on the roadsides, and warm breezes replace chilly winds. If you are ready to get your spring on, the East Montgomery County Improvement District has scheduled an ideal and kid-friendly event for you and your family. There will be smiles for all ages in Cleveland, TX, when vendors, entertainers, food booths and more, gather to celebrate at the Spring Extravaganza! If you missed the event last year, all the more reason to mark your calendar now! (more…)

Why Sleep Apnea Treatment Matters

Patients who have sleep apnea don’t always know it. Their sleeping partners typically do, as the condition is typically marked by loud, distinct patterns of snoring every night. However, the condition doesn’t wake the sufferer from consciousness, and therefore, isn’t always obvious for what it is. At our Cleveland, TX, dental office, we offer custom-designed appliances to help patients with sleep apnea stop snoring and get the sleep they deserve. By addressing the condition, you can stop the mechanisms that cause you to snore so loudly and to stop breathing repeatedly throughout the night. (more…)