Why Invisalign® Might Be a Good Idea

For many people who choose Invisalign® clear aligners to straighten their crooked teeth, some of the main benefits of the treatment include the fact that the aligners are virtually invisible. This allows you to address potentially serious problems with your tooth alignment in a highly discreet and comfortable manner. Yet, the most important benefit of Invisalign® is that it encourages more people to seek the orthodontic treatment they need faster, without having to worry about dealing with traditional orthodontic braces. (more…)

3 Things You Might Not Know Veneers Can Do

When many people receive one or more porcelain veneers to improve their smiles, it’s often because their dentists recommended it to address their specific smile concerns. It isn’t until after they’ve received their custom veneers that they realize just how beneficial they are to their smiles’ appearance and their long-term oral health. Today, we examine a few of the sometimes-surprising things that porcelain veneers can do to improve your smile, and how they help make your smile improvement plan much more minimally invasive. (more…)

How Cosmetic Bonding Might Fix Your Tooth Better

Fixing a tooth that’s been worn-down, cracked, or broken can be an important step in restoring and preserving your smile. When it occurs, tooth damage can become increasingly more severe, leading to more problems for your teeth, oral health, bite function, and more. The only way to avoid more serious problems from potentially occurring is to fix the damage to your tooth as soon and as conservatively as possible. This means not only addressing the damage to your tooth’s structure, but also designing treatment that also helps you preserve a maximum amount of your tooth’s healthy, undamaged natural structure. (more…)

How To Handle Your Dental Emergency

Cleveland, TX Dental EmergencyPracticing good oral health habits at home such as brushing and flossing, in addition to attending routine examinations and cleanings are necessary parts of a dental health regimen. While you may be taking these steps, accidents and mishaps can occur at any given moment, potentially jeopardizing your smile’s health. But what can you do in these situations? The team at Cleveland Family Dentistry in Cleveland, Texas recognizes that things happen, whether it means getting a tooth knocked-out while participating in a sporting event, or even from falling and landing face-first on the ground. When these emergencies occur, knowing what to do is the first step to saving your smile.


Halloween Goodies and Your Child’s Smile

Cleveland, Tx Children's DentistryWith the colder weather rolling in and Halloween just around the corner, one thing on many children’s minds is candy! Though there are some definite “what-ifs” when it comes to the spooky holiday this year, especially in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic, we at Cleveland Family Dentistry in Cleveland, Texas urge our patients and their families to keep in mind healthy habits to protect their smile during the holidays. While you may already be consistently brushing and flossing your teeth, knowing a few effects of goodies and your smile may go a long way.


Why Check Ups and Cleanings are Necessary for Your Oral Health

Image of a beautiful happy young woman sitting in medical dentist center.From the first time you were taught how to brush your teeth to now, it was instilled upon you that if you brushed and flossed routinely, otherwise you could suffer from bacteria, diseases, and more that could result in needing a tooth extracted. While this statement is true, it is also important to note the necessity of attending your bi-annual check-ups and cleanings as well when it comes to your health. At Cleveland Family Dentistry in Cleveland, Texas, we prioritize your oral health and want to ensure it is at its best, which is why we want to stress the reasons behind attending those check-ups.


What Sleep Apnea Really Means for Your Oral Health

Angry woman closing her ears with pillow, hiding from her husband's snoring, panorama, top viewWhen thinking about the negative effects of dental issues, one topic individuals do not think of immediately is Sleep Apnea. This disorder occurs when you are unconscious, and consists of your breathing repeatedly stopping and starting, often causing you to snore loudly and excessively. It can take the form of Obstructive (OSA), which occurs when the throat muscles relax, Central (CSA), caused by your brain failing to send proper signals to the muscles that control your breathing, and Complex or treatment-emergent, which is when you have both CSA and OSA. Fortunately, the dentists at Cleveland Family Dentistry in Cleveland, Texas can provide you with information and resources to help you better understand the condition and its effects.


What Grinding Your Teeth Together Does to Them

If you have bruxism, then it may or may not be obvious. You might notice that you grind your teeth a little more often than you used to, but that doesn’t mean you’ll catch yourself doing it often enough to start worrying about it. Unfortunately, having bruxism means that your teeth grind against each other much more often than you realize, potentially even while you sleep at night. Because of this, the condition can cause you to grind your teeth together so forcefully and so frequently that they begin to experience significant complications because of it. (more…)

When Brushing Your Teeth Makes Them More Sensitive

Brushing and flossing your teeth on a consistent basis are the most important steps in keeping them strong and healthy. By cleaning away the buildup of plaque on your teeth, you can reduce the risks of the bacteria within it causing any substantial problems, such as tooth decay or gum disease. However, if brushing and flossing your teeth seems more challenging because it makes your teeth feel sensitive, then it may be an indication that a problem has already begun to develop. If so, then your teeth will need professional attention and care from your dentist to alleviate their sensitivity, and to protect their health and integrity. (more…)

Dental Treatments that Help You Avoid Tooth Loss

When you think of most common dental health treatments, the biggest concerns you might think of are those that the treatments directly address. For example, a filling treats a tooth cavity, but by treating the cavity, the filling also helps you avoid more severe complications with your tooth’s structure in the future. Similarly, there are many other concerns that, if left untreated long enough, can cause enough harm to your oral health to lead to tooth loss. By addressing these concerns with appropriate treatment, you can significantly reduce your risks of losing any of your natural teeth. (more…)