Treat Cavities With Composite Resin Fillings

Cleveland, TX, dentist uses composite resin fillings for cavities

While dental decay is a prevalent problem among patients, this can be preventable and treatable. Cavities can be prevented with consistent oral hygiene and can be restored in most cases with a filling. At Cleveland Family Dentistry, we use composite resin fillings to treat cavities. This material has several benefits including longevity, natural appearance, and can be easily bonded to any tooth.

When This Is Necessary

At your next checkup, your dentist will examine your oral cavity for signs of decay. Even if you have good hygiene, it is still possible for decay to form without any symptoms. Your dentist can take a closer look and see signs such as a change in texture or sensitivity in an area. You may also be able to feel a cavity by feeling a hole form on one of your pearly whites. If decay is detected, your dentist will schedule a separate appointment for a filling. It is important to have this done promptly to prevent the cavity from progressing further.

The Process Of A Filling

First, the area surrounding the tooth may be numbed for your comfort. If you need multiple fillings, other sedation options may be available.  Then, the damaged area of the tooth will be drilled to remove it. After the area is cleaned, composite resin will be bonded to the area. Fillings are used to protect the tooth from decay spreading deeper and restrengthen the area. If cavities are ignored, they can continue to deteriorate your tooth and potentially damage the pulp. At this stage, you would need root canal therapy to recover the area.

Benefits Of Composite Resin

There are several materials available for these restorations. Gold, porcelain, glass ionomer, and amalgam are popular choices. At our office, we use composite resin. This material is durable, long-lasting, and can be matched to the color of your smile. Materials such as gold or amalgam can stand out because of their color. They may also expand, or contract depending on the temperature of the food and drinks you consume, which can be uncomfortable. Porcelain requires more of your tooth to be removed for the filling, which can be considered a disadvantage.

With composite resin, only the damaged part of the tooth will need to be removed. The material can be easily bonded can also last for several years and can be repaired if necessary. This means that instead of needing to re-do the filling, the material can be added to the area. Composite resin is also used in cosmetic bonding for patients who have minor chips or blemishes.

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