Dental Bridges

Severe tooth loss often begins with a single tooth. That loss can increase the risk of losing more teeth over time if it is not replaced as soon as possible. A dental bridge is one prosthetic dentistry option patients have to help replace the lost tooth. The bridge is custom designed and features a replacement tooth called a pontic. This pontic helps fill in a smile’s gap and mimics the tooth that was lost.

What Exactly is a Dental Bridge?

A dental bridge, as you can guess by the name, is essentially a bridge that helps fill in a gap left by a lost tooth. One or more dental crowns support the pontic. These crowns are bonded to healthy teeth near the gap that is being corrected. The pontic and the crowns are often made from realistic porcelain that is tinted to match the appearance of a patient’s natural teeth. Sometimes, a bridge may feature several pontics to replace multiple lost teeth that are next to each other.

Does the Bridge Rest on Dental Implants?

Some patients may benefit from having dental implants support a replacement tooth or teeth. Implant posts are inserted into a patient’s jawbone. The bone then fuses to the posts. After this, a dental crown or multi-pontic bridge can be placed on the posts.

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