Dentures And Implant-Retained Dentures

It may seem like a huge endeavor to rebuild your smile after losing multiple teeth or all of your teeth. Sometimes, with multiple tooth loss, a dental bridge may be unable to correct your smile. A complete or partial denture could be a good solution in situations like this.

What are Dentures?

Custom-designed to meet a patient’s personalized needs, complete and partial dentures are made to replace a row of teeth. They rest on the lower or upper dental ridges using a gum-colored base to sit securely and comfortably. Complete dentures are recommended for patients who have no teeth on their lower or upper ridges. Partial dentures can replace lost teeth and fit around the remaining natural teeth.

Implant-Retained Dentures

Dental implants may offer the most beneficial solution for replacing lost teeth for patients who qualify. Lost teeth mean that the roots are lost, too. When this occurs, your jaw loses important stimulation, which can lead to jawbone deterioration from lack of nutrients. An implant-retained denture, however, can help preserve the integrity and health of the jawbone and structures around it. Not only will it help you regain a full smile, but it will also help ensure your jawbone and facial structures are at their healthiest.

Schedule an Appointment for Complete or Partial Dentures

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