The Advantages Of Dental Implants

Cleveland, TX, dentist offers dental implants for patients who need it

In our last blog, we discussed how prosthetics such as bridges or dentures can replace missing teeth. While these are a great solution for many people, there are a few disadvantages to them. If you are looking for a prosthetic option that can assist in preserving your jawbone, aid in chewing and is long-lasting, implants may be a more suitable option. Today, your Cleveland Family Dentistry is here to discuss how this option compares to a bridge or dentures.

Increase Your Self Esteem And Have A Healthy Smile

A main concern of patients who have lost some of their pearly whites is their appearance. Having gaps in your smile creates obvious changes in your appearance and can lower your confidence. In addition to this, you may also notice changes in your oral health. Your teeth may shift around due to the gap and you may have changes in your speech. By placing dental implants, you can be confident in having a permanent replacement that looks natural.

Improve Your Ability To Chew And Smile

You may already be familiar with standard dental prosthetics. A replacement such as dental bridge can replace up to three missing teeth in a row and is fixed permanently by being supported by the adjacent teeth. This restoration can improve the appearance and function of your smile. Dentures are also used as a replacement for patients who have several missing teeth in different areas. Traditionally, these are removable.

A dental implant can provide these same benefits while also supporting the jawbone. The post is inserted below the gumline and fuses to the jawbone, which provides more stability. You will not have to remove them to clean, chew, or speak, and they can last for about twenty years.

Implants Can Repair Different Types Of Tooth Loss

Whether you have one missing tooth or several, a permanent prosthetic can help replace these. For patients with several missing teeth throughout their oral cavity, implant-retained dentures can be used. Your prosthetic replacement will be secured to your jawbone with posts. There will be no need to remove these to clean daily and they will look natural. If you have lost a single tooth, an implant can be used to replace it as well.

Before the process begins, your dentist will need to have a thorough consultation with you. Receiving this prosthetic will take several appointments and you must be in good health first. If you are determined not to be a good candidate for this option, your dentist can help guide you through alternative treatment plans.

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