Composite Resin Fillings Restore Your Tooth After Decay


Cleveland, TX dentist offers fillings to restore after cavities

Cavities are a very common problem, and it is likely that you will experience at least one in your lifetime. When this happens, it is important to treat them as soon as possible to prevent them from worsening. Your Cleveland, TX, family dentistry offers lifelike fillings that can stop the progression of a cavity and restore your tooth. This material is highly durable, natural-appearing, and can be more comfortable than other options like gold or amalgam.


Let’s Talk About Tooth Extraction

Cleveland, TX, dentist offers tooth extraction

In a recent blog, we discussed how CEREC crowns can be used to repair your tooth in one day. But what do you do if your pearly white has been severely damaged? There are circumstances in which a crown will not be able to restore the structure. Instead, your dentist may recommend removing the structure altogether. In today’s blog, your Cleveland, TX, family dentistry is here to explain when and why extraction is necessary.


Restore Your Smile In One Day

Cleveland, TX, dentist offers same day dental crowns

We know you do your best to take care of your smile. However, accidents can still happen. If you have injured one of your teeth with a chip, crack, or fracture, it is important to have this treated as soon as possible. The team at Cleveland Family Dentistry in Cleveland, TX, uses CEREC technology to help restore your smile in one appointment. In today’s blog, learn about what this technology is and the benefits it offers.


When Is A Root Canal Necessary?

Cleveland, TX, dentist offers root canals

If you have had a cavity before, you may be familiar with the sensitivity it can cause you when eating certain foods. However, if this sensitivity develops into more serious discomfort or pain, it could be a sign that the decay is more severe. When this happens, your dentist may recommend that you have root canal treatment done instead of a regular dental filling. While this may seem intimidating, your Cleveland, TX, family dentistry is here to make you feel comfortable during the process.


Restorations Can Save Your Smile

Cleveland, TX, dentist offers restorations Twice a year, you should visit your dentist for a cleaning and examination. These checkups offer helpful prevention to avoid serious dental problems in the future. Occasionally, you may need extra treatments to restore your smile to its original health. Your Cleveland, TX, family dentistry can help you by providing restorations such as fillings, crowns, and more.


You May Benefit From A Same-Day Crown

Cleveland, TX, dentist offers CEREC same day crowns

If you have harmed one of your pearly whites, it is crucial that you have it repaired as soon as possible. In many cases, it can be restored with a dental crown. This is a protective cap that is placed over your tooth to prevent the damage from worsening and avoid infections. At Cleveland Family Dentistry, we offer same-day restorations with CEREC technology. With this option, you can repair the area quickly and get back to your plans.


When A Tooth Cannot Be Restored

Cleveland, TX, dentist offers extractions In recent blogs, we have discussed how fillings and root canal treatment can help restore your smile after damage. Problems such as decay can usually be fixed with these procedures. However, if the area is infected, the pulp is no longer functional, or the area is otherwise untreatable, the best option may be to remove it. At Cleveland Family Dentistry in Texas, we offer extractions to bring your oral health back to normal.


Three Signs You May Need A Root Canal

Cleveland, TX, dentist offers root canals to restore tooth after infection

When you have tooth decay, this can be treated with a filling. However, if you do not get this taken care of, it can lead to a severe cavity or infection. Cleveland Family Dentistry can restore the tooth at this stage with root canal treatment. In today’s blog, we will be discussing signs that may indicate that you have severe decay.


Treat Cavities With Composite Resin Fillings

Cleveland, TX, dentist uses composite resin fillings for cavities

While dental decay is a prevalent problem among patients, this can be preventable and treatable. Cavities can be prevented with consistent oral hygiene and can be restored in most cases with a filling. At Cleveland Family Dentistry, we use composite resin fillings to treat cavities. This material has several benefits including longevity, natural appearance, and can be easily bonded to any tooth.