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Dental Treatments that Help You Avoid Tooth Loss

When you think of most common dental health treatments, the biggest concerns you might think of are those that the treatments directly address. For example, a filling treats a tooth cavity, but by treating the cavity, the filling also helps you avoid more severe complications with your tooth’s structure in the future. Similarly, there are… Read more »

3 Reasons to Get Your Dental Crown in One Day

Dental crowns have been an ideal solution for dealing with multiple types of tooth problems for ages. Designed to mimic the entire visible portion of your natural tooth, which is also called its crown, a restorative dental crown can restore, save, and help you preserve teeth that experience a wide range of concerns. Today, advanced… Read more »

The Seriousness of an Infected Root Canal

When a tooth experiences severe, internal decay, the problem isn’t typically a discreet one. Severe tooth decay means that the decay, or infection, in your tooth’s structure has reached the vulnerable pulp chamber of the tooth. This not only causes intense levels of discomfort, but can also threaten the root canal that’s connected to the… Read more »

How to Improve Your Tooth Filling’s Chance of Success

For people who develop cavities, which are caused by progressive tooth decay, the most frequently successful treatment option is to fill the cavity with biocompatible material. Often referred to as a tooth-colored filling, the lifelike restoration can give your tooth its strength and integrity back after the tooth decay has been removed from the cavity…. Read more »

Extracting and Replacing a Compromised Tooth

Before dental health care reached the advanced state that patients enjoy today, there weren’t always many options for saving a tooth once it became compromised. In many cases, tooth extraction was the only way to avoid the potentially serious consequences of many common types of tooth problems. Today, however, tooth extraction is only recommended as… Read more »

Can a Dental Crown Lower Your Chances of Tooth Loss?

Dental crowns have long been a popular solution for fixing teeth that are damaged or compromised. Today, more modern, lifelike dental crowns are also well-known for their ability to improve the appearance of teeth, due to their highly customizable materials (such as porcelain). With an ability to more precisely restore and improve teeth when they’ve… Read more »

When Root Canal Treatment Is the Right Solution

The process of treating your root canals is most commonly recommended when tooth decay reaches its severe stage. The infection known as tooth decay is the result of harmful oral bacteria overwhelming your tooth structure, and if it reaches your root canal, then the problem can become a significant one. However, having a severely infected… Read more »

How Modern Tooth Fillings Have Advanced

The most frequent need to visit the dentist is for routine checkups and cleanings, which are designed to help you prevent most dental concerns from developing. However, when a problem does develop, it’s most often tooth decay, which is the condition that causes a cavity to form. Because of this, tooth fillings are one of… Read more »

What’s the Point of Extracting a Tooth?

Restoring a tooth can sometimes seem complicated. If the tooth is severely fractured or broken, or if it’s in the grips of severe internal tooth decay, then it might seem like simply removing the tooth from the equation would be the easiest way to save your smile. However, that isn’t always the case, and typically,… Read more »