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Tooth Decay Continues Until Removed

Tooth decay is a progressive condition. This label means that your tooth decay will worsen over time until you treat the problem. Bacterial buildup on your teeth occurs constantly. Bacteria will always aggregate over time, but you must consistently clean it away. This is why your dentist recommends brushing twice per day and flossing daily…. Read more »

A Dental Filling Gives Your Tooth a Reset

If having a beautiful smile is important to you, then so is your oral health. The only way you can ensure that you enjoy a photogenic smile throughout your lifetime is to take proper care of your teeth on a daily basis. Your teeth are strong, and built to last, but they still need your… Read more »

What Your Daytime Headaches Could Really Mean

Do you wake up feeling tired despite having a full night’s rest? What about waking up with a headache that never really seems to subside? Even more, do you feel constantly fatigued throughout the day, even falling asleep during regular activities? If any of these circumstances sound familiar, chances are, you may be experiencing sleep… Read more »

What It Means to Save a Tooth with a Dental Crown

Many people recognize that the point of restoring a tooth is to stop it from suffering any further damage and to alleviate any discomfort that has resulted from the problem in their tooth. However, the specific ways in which a custom-made restoration such as a dental crown can save your tooth aren’t always clear. Depending… Read more »

When Your Toothache Is Caused by an Infected Root Canal

There are several different potential reasons for your tooth to hurt, and in many cases, the frequency and severity of the pain can indicate just how serious the problem is. For example, if the aching in your tooth is caused by a case of tooth decay and has become severe, then it may indicate that… Read more »

Advantages that Come with a Tooth-Colored Filling

While everyone’s dental health is unique, and cavities are highly preventable, most people will experience one at least once in their lives. Even if you’re usually diligent about keeping your teeth clean and healthy on a consistent basis, it only takes a small mistake, such as a skipped dental cleaning, for oral bacteria to compromise… Read more »

Dental Treatments that Help You Avoid Tooth Loss

When you think of most common dental health treatments, the biggest concerns you might think of are those that the treatments directly address. For example, a filling treats a tooth cavity, but by treating the cavity, the filling also helps you avoid more severe complications with your tooth’s structure in the future. Similarly, there are… Read more »

3 Reasons to Get Your Dental Crown in One Day

Dental crowns have been an ideal solution for dealing with multiple types of tooth problems for ages. Designed to mimic the entire visible portion of your natural tooth, which is also called its crown, a restorative dental crown can restore, save, and help you preserve teeth that experience a wide range of concerns. Today, advanced… Read more »

The Seriousness of an Infected Root Canal

When a tooth experiences severe, internal decay, the problem isn’t typically a discreet one. Severe tooth decay means that the decay, or infection, in your tooth’s structure has reached the vulnerable pulp chamber of the tooth. This not only causes intense levels of discomfort, but can also threaten the root canal that’s connected to the… Read more »

How to Improve Your Tooth Filling’s Chance of Success

For people who develop cavities, which are caused by progressive tooth decay, the most frequently successful treatment option is to fill the cavity with biocompatible material. Often referred to as a tooth-colored filling, the lifelike restoration can give your tooth its strength and integrity back after the tooth decay has been removed from the cavity…. Read more »