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Sensitivity May Increase During Winter

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Here in Texas, it never seems like we get much in the way of autumn. One day, it’s sweltering, and the next it’s frigid and rainy. While we do what we can to make ourselves comfortable when the cold weather comes, dental sensitivity may rise. In fact, you might not normally notice anything during the… Read more »

Easing Jaw Pain With TMJ Treatment

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When you have pain in your jaw, or a popping or crackling sensation, you could be suffering from TMJ disorder. To avoid complications with how you eat and speak, our team could provide TMJ treatment with an oral appliance. In today’s blog, your Cleveland, TX, dentist talks about how we ease jaw pain.

The Link Between Bruxism & TMJ Disorder


If you suffer from headaches and a sore jaw, you may have a misaligned jaw. This is known as TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint) Disorder, and it can be very painful. Moreover, it is connected to another disorder known as Bruxism — which is persistent teeth grinding. It becomes trickier because each can be the cause or… Read more »

Everything You Need To Know About Bruxism


Bruxism, or teeth grinding, is more common than you might think. Moreover, it can have a big impact on your daily life; it greatly affects the health of your teeth, mouth, and jaw. There are a plethora of causes that range from emotional and environmental to jaw alignment issues. If you think you might suffer… Read more »

Can My Teeth Grinding Cause Bigger Concerns?

Nothing is worse than waking up in the morning feeling tired and unmotivated to prepare for the day, except maybe rousing to sensitive teeth, a headache, and chronic jaw pain. These symptoms are not only an inconvenience on you and your day, but could actually be indicative of bigger concerns such as nighttime teeth grinding… Read more »

What Grinding Your Teeth Together Does to Them

If you have bruxism, then it may or may not be obvious. You might notice that you grind your teeth a little more often than you used to, but that doesn’t mean you’ll catch yourself doing it often enough to start worrying about it. Unfortunately, having bruxism means that your teeth grind against each other… Read more »

The Biggest Problems with Having Bruxism

On the surface, the biggest problems with bruxism is the chronic teeth-grinding that it consists of. Over time, the constant pressure and friction can lead to a wide range of immediate and long-term concerns with your health and integrity of your teeth. However, the longer it continues, the more complex the problems of bruxism can… Read more »

How Are Bruxism and TMJ Disorder Connected?

Bruxism and TMJ disorder are not the same condition, and having one doesn’t mean that you have the other, as well. However, both conditions are often closely related to each other, particularly for the ways in which they affect your overall bite function. Bruxism describes the constant grinding of your teeth, in a manner and… Read more »

What to Know if You Have a TMJ Disorder

If you have TMJ disorder but don’t know it, then the symptoms that the disorder can cause can seem confusing. As a jaw dysfunction, it can lead to symptoms that impact your jaw’s function, but it can also lead to less direct consequences such as chronic headaches, earaches, and more. Today, we take a look… Read more »

Things You Can Thank Your Teeth-Grinding Habit For

Grinding your teeth every day isn’t something that everyone experiences, and when it occurs, it’s often a sign of a much more serious underlying oral health concern. Also known as bruxism, habitual teeth-grinding can be caused by one or several other factors, and when it isn’t addressed promptly, it can also cause several subsequent conditions… Read more »