Tooth Fillings

Tooth decay is one of the most common issues patients experience. In fact, most patients will experience a cavity at least once during their lives. The good news is that cavities can be treated with custom tooth fillings. This will help stop any discomfort due to the decay and mitigate other, more extensive treatments.

What Exactly is a Tooth Filling?

Made from biocompatible material, a filling is used to fill in a cavity that forms when a tooth begins to decay. When you visit us for a filling, we will carefully clean your tooth, clearing out the bacteria that causes the infection. The filling will then be placed in the cavity. This is to protect the tooth and reinforce its integrity. We use tooth-colored fillings made from safe, composite resin.

What About Silver Fillings?

Silver fillings were used for several years to treat cavities. Since the 1960s, though, dentists have used composite resin for fillings. Composite resin’s tint can be crafted to match the repaired tooth’s color. Silver is dark and has the potential to stain your teeth. Composite resin is composed of a mixture of finely ground glass and porcelain particles. It is durable and should last 10 to 15 years if treated well.

What Happens If I Ignore a Cavity?

Tooth decay is progressive, and the more you ignore it, the worse it becomes. By treating it with a tooth filling, we can help stop it from growing larger and causing discomfort. If a cavity is not addressed, it will continue to grow, and it may reach the tooth’s internal structure. A root canal treatment may then be needed to repair the tooth.

Schedule a Tooth Filling Today

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