Sensitivity May Increase During Winter

Cold Cleveland TXHere in Texas, it never seems like we get much in the way of autumn. One day, it’s sweltering, and the next it’s frigid and rainy. While we do what we can to make ourselves comfortable when the cold weather comes, dental sensitivity may rise. In fact, you might not normally notice anything during the warmer months, and are now confronted with this condition!

There are a few reasons as to why tooth discomfort can come through cooler temperatures. Weakened or damaged enamel can expose the vulnerable interior areas beneath. Periodontal disease can also lead to gum recession, leaving your dental structures more susceptible to infection. If you suffer from the condition known as bruxism, your grinding activity can inflame nerves both above and below the gumline. Today, your Cleveland, TX dentist outlines some of the more common causes of dentin sensitivity, and how we can address these concerns! (more…)