That Stuff You Shouldn’t Try For A Whiter Grin

Oh yes, there are lots of amazing ideas out there when you’re trying to find ways to whiten your smile! Hop onto Pinterest, search the web, message a friend, and you will instantly find yourself faced with a long list of trendy and surprisingly compelling information. You just might be convinced right off the bat that a remedy you prepare and complete at home (or something you can quickly pick up at your local drugstore) is going to offer you the stain-removing magic you’ve been wanting for so long! While our Cleveland, TX team would love to give you the go ahead, we have to give you the red light instead. Unless it’s teeth whitening with us, it might not be safe. Let’s begin with some common things you might stumble upon but should definitely ignore!


Don’t Miss the EMCID Spring Extravaganza!

Spring is in the air, and it won’t be long before wildflowers are popping up on the roadsides, and warm breezes replace chilly winds. If you are ready to get your spring on, the East Montgomery County Improvement District has scheduled an ideal and kid-friendly event for you and your family. There will be smiles for all ages in Cleveland, TX, when vendors, entertainers, food booths and more, gather to celebrate at the Spring Extravaganza! If you missed the event last year, all the more reason to mark your calendar now! (more…)

Why Sleep Apnea Treatment Matters

Patients who have sleep apnea don’t always know it. Their sleeping partners typically do, as the condition is typically marked by loud, distinct patterns of snoring every night. However, the condition doesn’t wake the sufferer from consciousness, and therefore, isn’t always obvious for what it is. At our Cleveland, TX, dental office, we offer custom-designed appliances to help patients with sleep apnea stop snoring and get the sleep they deserve. By addressing the condition, you can stop the mechanisms that cause you to snore so loudly and to stop breathing repeatedly throughout the night. (more…)

What Having Bruxism Really Means

When you grind your teeth every once in a while, there isn’t really much reason to worry about it. When healthy, your teeth can withstand an enormous amount of pressure without any harm being done to their enamel (protective outer layer). However, grinding your teeth constantly and consistently, especially when you don’t even realize it, can overwhelm even the healthiest and strongest of your teeth. At our Cleveland, TX, dental office, we can help you spot the signs of bruxism during your routine exam and cleaning appointment, and explain what the condition can mean for your smile. Then, we’ll work with you to devise the best treatment plan to help you stop grinding your teeth. (more…)

Tooth Loss: Treat It To Avoid More Tooth Loss!

You have already gone through the not-so-lovely experience that we refer to as tooth loss. Of course, the very last thing you might be thinking is that you’d better do something about those missing teeth or else … it could cause tooth loss! How might lost teeth possibly beget more missing teeth, you wonder? Well, while it may sound strange to you, our Cleveland, TX team is here to explain the details (of course, as we promote the exceptionally wise and protective decision to avoid further problems by replacing your missing teeth).


Oh, Boy! You Need A Crown (And A Little Encouragement)!

“Wow,” you think to yourself, “just what I wanted! A dental crown!” We understand how you’re feeling. When you come in for a checkup, whether it’s your routine visit or your tooth has been bothering you, what you really want is for our Cleveland, TX team to tell you how amazingly healthy your smile is! Or, you’d really prefer to learn that you need a filling. However, here you are: You need a crown and you don’t feel too great about it. Even though you realize we can understand where you’re coming from, you probably also recognize that we are full of the helpful encouragement you need to feel much better (potentially even happy, excited, and ready) about being able to save your tooth with a crown. So, let’s get this motivation party started!


3 Ways You Can Use Your Phone To Protect Your Smile!

For the most part, most of us are on our phones for a good part of the day or at least have them nearby, if not on us (such as in a pocket or bag). While you may be using this bit of technology for just about everything else under the sun, we can’t help but wonder at our Cleveland, TX practice: Are you using your cell phone for your smile care, too, or are you primarily swiping through insta-shots of your grin without really realizing the very device you’re holding can help keep it safe, stunning, and on track, too? Let our Cleveland, TX team shock you with some lovely advice!


Teen Cooking Class!

Have your teens been showing an interest in cooking lately and you’d love to help but you are a not-so-great cook? A little too controlling in the kitchen? Worried you’ll miss something? Whatever the case, if you’d like a little bit of backup, so your kids can begin to really learn their way around a kitchen, the upcoming Teen Cooking Class in our Cleveland, TX community is sure to be both fun and informative!


Surprising Smile Hazards: Watch Out!

There are some hazards you just don’t see coming because, even with a mindful look at the foods you’re enjoying, they are cloaked in a veil that makes them seem perfectly safe. You have some very understandable reasons for assuming you’re making good choices but then bam!…You break a tooth, you end up with a cavity, or some other form of damage happens, leaving you highly disappointed. To help further you along in what is certainly becoming a top-notch ability to detect even the subtlest of smile hazards, our Cleveland, TX team is here to impart some helpful wisdom (also known as simple smile care tips).


How Do You Transform My Dingy Smile Into A Pearly Grin?

What would you say about your smile today? Does it look dingy? Does it appear to reflect the many hours you have logged as you throw back a coffee and a latte here … and a tall cup of tea there? Or, are you facing other types of staining, like the ones that show up quite unwelcome but full force from the use of certain medications? When you’ve got smile stains on your mind and all you really want is to go from a dingy smile to one that is pearly and bright, we get what you’re going through. Of course, that’s why our team here in Cleveland, TX brings multiple cosmetic treatment options to the table, so you’re never stuck with a dim grin!