Justin Timberlake Concert 2019

Are you a huge Justin Timberlake fan? Perhaps you have never actually come out and said it but you do happen to listen to quite a lot of his music! Wherever you land on the enthusiasm spectrum for this pop star, you should know that he is on tour and is heading to a venue near our Cleveland, TX community. Don’t forget to buy tickets for the Justin Timberlake concert!


Invisalign: Addressing Things That Confuse Patients

There’s a world of interesting information to be soaked up in regard to Invisalign treatment. That is, there are many facts we can share with you about choosing clear aligner trays to straighten your smile that will probably cause you to feel pretty excited about this treatment. Unfortunately, it’s very easy to become confused about choosing Invisalign if you are learning most of your information from friends, from things you hear, from stuff you look up online, and even from your own assumptions. In order to feel truly educated on the topic, so you can make a smart choice for yourself, our Cleveland, TX team invites you to talk with us soon! Until then…let’s start with some basics.


A Chipped Tooth: Avoidance, Treatment, Protection

Oh no! You have a chipped tooth and now your smile looks like something bad has happened, instead of looking lovely, serene, and uniform. What are you to do, you wonder? The good news here is that in most instances, chipping is esthetic, meaning it affects the way your smile looks but is not negatively influencing the state of your oral health. The bad news, of course, is that now you are upset with the way your smile appears. Ready for more good news? Our Cleveland, TX team offers the cosmetic care treatments that will repair that little concern of yours right up!


Why You’re Not A Perfect Whitening Candidate (And What’s Next)

If you’re absolutely ready for a whiter smile but the thing is … you aren’t sure the type of cosmetic treatment you need … there may be part of you that just naturally assumes we will recommend teeth whitening. In many instances, this is true! It’s a very accessible, popular, and efficient means of removing stains from dental tissue. However, it is not always the best option for every patient. This leads our Cleveland, TX team to the following dilemma many individuals find themselves facing: You may discover you’re not a good candidate for traditional whitening, so you worry you’re simply stuck with stains and you wonder why whitening isn’t for you. Let’s help you feel much better about everything.


Annual Awards Banquet 2019

Who’s who in Cleveland, TX? Which businesses have been truly shining and contributing in our community? If you love being in the know and you hold a special place in your heart for the people and organizations that make up our town, then you will likely want to partake in the upcoming Annual Awards Banquet for 2019! It’s sure to be a fun party!


Your New Year: Some Easy Goals By The Month!

When you’re looking at an entire new year, which means 12 months of time with which you may either become extremely successful with your smile health (or just the opposite), you may wonder if there are any helpful tips that will allow you to more easily manage your time. You know that every single day, you need to brush your smile and floss it, too. However, what else might you need to remember to accomplish or do over the course of 2019 and every year after that? Let our Cleveland, TX team offer a bit of preliminary guidance according to months of time for a simple way to get started with effective smile protection.


Could Snoring Have Something to Do with Your Fatigue?

There are some things that are obviously the result of your snoring habit. For instance, if your partner is agitated because they can’t sleep, or your mouth is excessively dry when you wake up in the morning. Yet, when snoring is consistent, there are also several other affects that might not immediately seem connected, such as tiredness and fatigue related to poor sleeping patterns. Patients in Cleveland, TX, who experience chronic snoring can often alleviate it, and its various consequences, with the help of a custom-designed sleep appliance. (more…)

What’s that Grinding Sound? Signs Your Loved One Has Bruxism

For many patients who have bruxism (chronic teeth-grinding), the problem often becomes most noticeable at night. However, because they’re asleep, their loved ones are often the first ones to notice it due to the sound that grinding teeth make. The loud sound indicates the force with which teeth grind together, and the potential damage that it can cause if left untreated. Fortunately, we can help many patients at our Cleveland, TX, dental office address the problem and stop grinding their teeth with the help of a custom-designed bruxism appliance. (more…)

3 Advantages Dental Implants Give Your Smile

Recovering from tooth loss is an important part of modern dental care, and for many patients, dental implants are often the preferred method of doing so. That’s because they offer your replacement teeth something that your smile desperately needs – effective replacements for your lost teeth roots. Patients at our Cleveland, TX, dental office often experience a much higher-quality and more lifelike replacement option thanks to the help of dental implants. (more…)

Is This Your Year For Invisalign?

Well, it’s here! The new year is just around the corner, full of potential, including the potential for the smile you’ve always wanted in Cleveland, TX. What is keeping you from exploring the options that could correct smile issues once and for all? Even when teeth are healthy, it’s not unusual to have that “if only…” feeling when you look in the mirror or see pictures of yourself. If you are considering whether Invisalign clear aligners might be right for you, why not make this your year to find out for sure? (more…)