Dental Implants

How a patient replaces lost teeth is often determined by how many were lost. For example, if all the teeth are lost on a dental ridge, then a complete denture may be recommended. If a patient loses just one tooth, then a dental bridge may be suggested. In all cases, though, losing a tooth or teeth means losing the roots as well. Roots are important for the integrity of a patient’s oral health. The only solution for replacing roots is with dental implants.

What Are They?

Dental implants are often made from titanium. They are biocompatible posts that are inserted into a patient’s jawbone where the roots used to be located. Once the posts are in place, the bone fuses to them, helping secure them. After this process, the posts can be utilized for dental crowns, dentures, and bridges.

What Are Their Benefits?

The roots of your teeth play a significant role in your oral health. They not only support your teeth as you bite and chew, they also help stimulate the body to send nutrients to the jawbone. This stimulation is lost when roots are missing. Implant posts can replace the function of the teeth roots, securely anchoring replacement teeth, and keeping the jawbone healthy.

We Can Take Care Of You From Start To Finish

In lots of cases, your dentist will work with another professional to coordinate your treatment. At our practice, however, we conduct the entire implant process ourselves. This means you are working exclusively with a dentist that knows you, your history, and your precise needs. Ultimately this is a more comforting experience for our dental implant patients.


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