Better Dentistry Through Advanced Technology

Digital X-Rays

As an important part of diagnostic dental treatment, X-rays allow your dentist to gain a comprehensive view of your teeth, their roots, and the jawbone that supports them. Using advanced digital radiography, we can produce X-rays that emit up to 90 percent less radiation, and that provide crisp, clear, and highly-precise digital images.

Intraoral Imaging: SoproLife

SoproLife is a wonderful device for screening and diagnosing cavities in teeth. This technology allows us to take photos of your teeth and in just seconds, the image turns the healthy tooth structure green and the problem area red. We enjoy sharing the high-resolution images with you so you can clearly see if there is a problem or no problem!


SoproCare is used by our Hygiene team to show you areas of inflammation so that together we can find areas that need attention, reduce inflammation and achieve healthier gums. These images are used for reimbursement with your dental insurance and is a great way for you to see what we see.

CEREC (One-Day Crowns)

CEREC crowns are one of the most innovative dental technologies to ever emerge. With CEREC crowns, you don’t have to worry about messy impressions, temporary dental crowns , or multiple visits.  CEREC crowns are made right in our office, placed in just one visit and are made of pure porcelain and contains no metal.  CEREC crowns look great, they look and feel just like your natural teeth!

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