Invisalign® Clear Aligners

Ensuring that a patient’s teeth are straight is more than a cosmetic issue. It is necessary because teeth alignment affects bite function and the integrity of the teeth. However, some patients elect not to correct crooked teeth because they do not want metal braces. One option that patients may qualify for is Invisalign® clear aligners. This solution helps straighten teeth without having to wear brackets and wires bonded to your teeth.

What Are They?

Crafted from a special clear, BPA-free material, Invisalign® is a system of almost-invisible aligners. They are digitally designed and gently guide crooked teeth into straighter positions. They are not bonded to the teeth. They can be taken on and off, for example, when eating or cleaning your teeth. The main benefit in wearing them is their discreet appearances and convenient process.

How Do They Work?

Using advanced dental technology, we can diagnose the precise measurements of crooked or misaligned teeth. Once that is determined, we then plan a path to move the teeth into correct position. The aligners are digitally and custom designed to help guide the teeth along each phase of the process, moving from one aligner to the next for gradual adjustment.

Schedule a Consultation About Invisalign®

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