Dental Care Specifically for Children

It’s never too early to prepare your children for a lifetime of good dental hygiene. By the age of three, children should begin regularly scheduled checkups and cleanings so their dentist can continue to monitor their dental growth and development. If necessary, we also offer a number of children-specific treatments, including dental sealants, fluoride treatments, and dental fillings. While we don’t offer early childhood orthodontics, we can address problems that arise with expanders or other treatment options. Children who suck their thumbs or fingers may be more likely to develop alignment problems as this can cause the roof of the mouth to rise.

Preventing Childhood Cavities

Cavities form when plaque, tartar, and food debris linger too long on your teeth. To boost your children’s cavity-fighting abilities, their dentist may suggest fluoride treatment, which boosts the strength of enamel to better repel the bacteria in plaque and tartar. Dental sealants can be painted onto the surfaces of molars to prevent plaque and food particles from becoming stuck within the crevices of their chewing surfaces. We recommend sealants for all children (and occasionally for adults too) to help protect teeth from the onset of decay.

The Importance of Fillings

Often when a child develops a cavity, parents may be tempted to ignore the issue or request the tooth be pulled since these teeth fall out eventually anyway. However, ignoring a cavity can allow the problem to progress until a painful infection develops. In addition, pulling a tooth or losing on to an advanced infection can cause misalignment, as the baby teeth help guide the permanent ones into their proper place. We always suggest treating a decay with a lifelike filling instead of ignoring the problem or having the tooth removed prematurely.

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