Seeking Emergency Dental Treatment


Cleveland, TX, dentist offers emergency care

Preventive dental care can keep your smile healthy, but there are some accidents that may not be avoidable. If you have harmed or lost one of your pearly whites or restorations, your Cleveland, TX, dental team is here to help. We will examine the area and create a helpful treatment plan that can repair your oral health. It is important to seek care for these concerns as soon as possible to avoid further injury or harm.

Injury To Your Smile Is An Emergency

You may be wondering what issues should be seen urgently, and which ones can you wait for. In general, a sudden onset of pain or injury to the area should be looked at as soon as possible. Incidents such as breaking a tooth, bleeding gums, or a severe toothache may need urgent treatment. It is important to have this looked at before your next checkup. Ignoring this problem or postponing a solution may cause the injury to worsen. Other concerns, such as mild cavities or cosmetic concerns can wait to be treated until your next visit to the dentist. Although it is important to treat decay promptly, mild cases do not require a same-day appointment.

What To Do If You Break A Tooth

Some of the most common dental injuries that occur are chipped or fractured teeth. This may happen if the area is hit, such as during a contact sport. To help prevent accidents like these from happening, you may be able to wear a mouthguard during your games and activities to protect your teeth. Other times, your teeth may become worn down over time, due to bruxism or other conditions, and are easier to break. Your dentist may be able to help treat and diagnose this problem so that your pearly whites can be protected.

If you do end up with an injured dental structure, do not panic. Try to keep the area clean by rinsing out your mouth. You can place cloth or gauze to minimize any bleeding that may occur. Then, call your dentist to schedule an emergency visit. You can have a friend or family member drive you so that you can be more comfortable. The dentist will examine the area and may be able to restore it with a crown.

Dealing With Tooth Pain

An aching or extremely sensitive tooth can cause you discomfort. If this has come on suddenly and is persistent, come in for a checkup as soon as possible. Serious aches like this may be caused by a deep cavity, infection, or injury to your tooth. You can take over-the-counter pain reducers to relieve your discomfort as you wait for treatment. Your dentist may determine that a filling or a root canal therapy can relieve the irritation and restore your tooth.

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