Children’s Dental Fillings: 2 Things You Must Know

We know that when it comes to your children’s smiles, what you hope for is teeth that remain healthy, strong, and cavity free! However, sometimes decay gets the best of a child or teen and that leaves you as the responsible party who must schedule a children’s dental filling. Unfortunately, if you have doubts about the filling, you may feel a little torn regarding whether to move forward with the treatment or not. Good news: A couple reminders will let you feel confident and relaxed about rescuing your child’s tooth!


Why Am I Getting Dry Mouth?

You may recognize that you have dry mouth because, well, your mouth feels dry. You may notice that your lips are surprisingly chapped or cracked. You may also deal with a not-so-fresh breath feeling, with saliva that seems stringy instead of its usual consistency, and your ability to taste foods may change. What you may not understand, though, is why this is happening and what to do about it. Fortunately, we are always here to guide you toward the answers and solutions!


What To Do About Bad Breath

“Great,” you think to yourself. “This bad breath is still here.” Maybe you’ve added a mouth wash to your routine, hoping it would fix the problem, but it only masks it for a few hours. Perhaps you thought it would just go away on its own or that you’d just ended up with one bad case of morning breath. If you think you’ve hit a wall and may suffer from unkindly breath for the rest of your years, we remind you: We can always help! For right now, try out some very common fixes.


What’s Involved In A Deep Cleaning?

You’ve heard of a regular cleaning for your smile before (in all hopes) because this is something that we provide for you every six months! It’s a time for patients, from kids on up, to see us for the removal of plaque and tartar that cannot be addressed with brushing and flossing at home. So, then, you wonder, what is a deep cleaning? Is it similar? Well, it is a type of cleaning but it’s much more intensive. It’s for individuals with buildup that’s accumulated beneath the gumline and that has begun to negatively affect one’s gum health, either causing or leading to gingivitis or further stages of gum disease. Find out what you can expect from this beneficial treatment!


Can Porcelain Veneers Fix That?

For many patients, the greatest benefit of customized porcelain veneers is that they so closely mimic healthy, natural teeth that they’re virtually indistinguishable from the rest of your smile. Once bonded in place, veneers can instantly improve your smile by addressing several different types of blemishes all at once. However, another huge advantage that veneers lend to your smile improvement plan is that they’re often ideal for addressing a wide variety of different concerns. That means many different patients can benefit from lifelike porcelain veneers than most other types of cosmetic smile improvement. (more…)

Composite And Filling Open Areas

You have heard of composite before if you’ve ever received a tooth-colored filling or if you know anything about dental bonding. What you might not recognize is that this is the same material used for filling in areas of missing tissue across the board. We’d like to offer you some reminders about composite, so you begin to have a better understanding of how we use it and how it may provide you with the care your smile needs!


How To Prolong The Effects Of Teeth Whitening

It’s a wonderful moment when you enjoy the big reveal: Your whiter smile after you receive teeth whitening is a vibrant and beautiful feature to behold! Of course, as you go about the rest of your day and then week, what you want is to see that shining smile of yours looking bright as ever when you take a glance in the mirror. So, what should you be doing to ensure this happens? Or, are the results permanent? Let us answer simple yet very important questions for you, so you may keep the results of your cosmetic treatment looking as wonderful as possible.