Checkups And Cleanings: 3 Huge Benefits They Offer

Of course, we get it: We only suggest that you make time to schedule visits two times a year (that’s only one time every six months) for your dental checkups and cleanings. As a result, you figure these sessions with our Cleveland, TX team must not be that big of a deal. Otherwise, wouldn’t we want to see you a lot more? Plus, you brush your smile and you floss, too, so you guess that will probably let you keep your smile super clean and super healthy. Hey, who needs dental visits anyway? Actually…you do! So does everyone else. Let’s discuss a few key benefits!

#1: They Let You Practice Effective Home Care

We know that you might figure your home care is really the only thing keeping your smile clean and healthy. However, it isn’t. It’s one part of a combination of factors that must all happen in order for you to practice your best preventive care. Let’s break it down for you: When you see us for dental checkups and cleanings, you find out if your smile is healthy. You can then visit us to fix any existing problems. We also remove plaque and tartar buildup (that everyone has!). The result? You can easily maintain a smile that’s healthy and free of buildup, so when you brush and floss, you are not working against plaque and tartar or any existing issue you’re unaware of!

#2: They Let You See Into The Future

Well, not really. However, you might let yourself think of the checkup portion of your dental visits for preventive care as a bit of a sneak peek into the oral health of your future. Why so, you ask? Well, here’s the deal: When you avoid visits and smile changes occur, you don’t see them. Eventually, they’ll progress and blossom and you’ll see the problem, whether it’s a cavity or gingivitis, etc. When you visit us, we detect changes extremely early on, long before you will know they’re around, and we can even treat them. It’s not exactly time travel or clairvoyance but still…pretty amazing.

#3: They Make Life Easy

There’s a big difference to your quality of life when you have a healthy smile that’s not “behind” on care versus a smile that needs a lot of restorative work and prevention that it’s just not receiving. When you’re up to date on cleanings and checkups, it helps you keep your smile healthy. You can easily plan for and follow through on any necessary repairs. Why not enjoy an easy experience?

Don’t Miss Out On Dental Visits

While you may view dental visits as a chore, remember that they are much more than that. Remember to think of them not as a task to be checked off of your list but instead, visit us for extraordinary smile protection! Call our Cleveland Family Dentistry office in Cleveland, TX, today at (281) 592-1234. We proudly serve patients and their families from Cleveland and all surrounding communities.