Why Preventing Cavities Is Easier than You Might Think

What most people recognize about cavities is the fact that everyone can develop one at some point in their lives. In fact, nearly 90% of all people will have to treat tooth decay by the time they reach their 60s. Perhaps because they’re so common, many people overestimate what it takes to successfully prevent cavities, or simply don’t believe it’s possible to prevent them at all. The truth, however, is that cavities and the tooth decay that causes them are among the easiest things to prevent, if you stick to a consistently good hygiene routine and stay attentive to what you expose your teeth to.

Most of it takes place at home

Some people have no idea they have a cavity until they visit their dentist for a routine examination. In some ways, this is good news; if a cavity has yet to cause noticeable discomfort or other symptoms, then it means it may still be minor enough to treat with minimally invasive treatment. However, it also highlights the fact that most of the things that lead to cavity development occur at home, or at least, away from your dentist’s office. That means the burden of preventing cavities consistently lies on you, and on how you care for your teeth at home.

You already have the tools to prevent them

The good news is that you (should) already have the tools you need to successfully prevent cavities. It’s just a matter of using them properly and consistently. For instance, most people are aware that they should brush and floss their teeth daily, but not everyone brushes twice every day, or pays close attention when they do. The point of cleaning your teeth is to remove harmful oral bacteria and the plaque they form. Many of these microbes are directly responsible for eroding your tooth enamel and paving the way for tooth decay and cavities. Being diligent in your daily hygiene routine is one of the most important strategies for avoiding cavities.

You can do more to prevent them than you think

While brushing and flossing your teeth consistently are important, they aren’t enough alone to consistently keep your smile healthy and cavity-free. For instance, the acids bacteria produce to erode your teeth are a product of the bacteria metabolizing carbs, like sugar, every time you eat and drink. Limiting how often you snack and choosing healthier foods and beverages are also a significant way to keep your teeth and tooth enamel strong enough to repel harmful bacteria. With stronger, healthier teeth, you have a much better chance of avoiding the need to ever treat a cavity.

Learn more about preventing cavities easier

Although cavities are the most common dental health concern for patients of all ages, preventing may be easier than you might’ve expected. To learn more, call our Cleveland Family Dentistry office in Cleveland, TX, today at (281) 592-1234. We also serve the residents of Kingwood, Conroe, Livingston, and all surrounding communities.