Composite Resin Fillings Restore Your Tooth After Decay


Cleveland, TX dentist offers fillings to restore after cavities

Cavities are a very common problem, and it is likely that you will experience at least one in your lifetime. When this happens, it is important to treat them as soon as possible to prevent them from worsening. Your Cleveland, TX, family dentistry offers lifelike fillings that can stop the progression of a cavity and restore your tooth. This material is highly durable, natural-appearing, and can be more comfortable than other options like gold or amalgam.

The Process Of A Filling

During your biannual checkup, your teeth will be cleaned, and your smile will be examined. One area of concern that your dentist is looking for is tooth decay. If your dentist notices that a cavity has formed on your tooth, they will likely recommend that you have it restored with a dental filling. This is a fairly straightforward process that includes removing the damaged part of the tooth, cleaning the leftover space, and adding a material to the space left behind. If early signs of decay are noticed, but a cavity has not fully formed, there is a chance that it can be reversed with improved hygiene.

In our office, we use composite resin for this restoration. This material is highly durable, easily bondable, and can blend in with the natural appearance of your smile. We also use composite resin for cosmetic bonding. This is a treatment used for patients who have minor damage or blemishes to their teeth. Your dentist will bond the composite resin to the problem areas. This will leave you with an even-appearing smile.

Avoiding This Restoration

If your dentist notices a cavity, they will recommend that you have a filling done as soon as possible. You may not need to get this done immediately, but it should happen within a few weeks. When left untreated, the decay can continue to progress further into the layers of your tooth. If it reaches the pulp, you may begin to notice signs of pain or discomfort. To help relieve this pain, root canal treatment may be necessary. During this process, the decayed pulp will be taken out. Then, the area will be cleaned, and the space will be filled with stronger material. A crown may be placed on top after the area has healed for an added layer of protection. Extraction may be used as an alternative treatment to a root canal if the tooth has become severely damaged. This is usually used as a last-case option to restore the health of your smile. After you have healed from the removal, replacement options can be discussed.

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