Creating A Filling To Stop Your Cavity

cleveland tooth filling

When you have a cavity, then the risk of an infection could increase with time. To stop discomfort and prevent worsening oral health, then your Cleveland, TX, dentist may suggest a lifelike dental restoration to treat your tooth decay. In today’s blog, we’re talking about our color-matched composite resin filling.

The Causes of Your Cavity

A cavity means that harmful oral bacteria reach the inner dentin, the sensitive material that makes up most of the tooth structure. Typically, the outer enamel would prevent this, but poor oral hygiene, injury, and other factors could compromise or damage the enamel, leaving the dentin vulnerable. As the cavity spreads with time, the tooth could develop a painful infection or even become lost! Warning signs of a cavity include tooth sensitivity to hot or cold foods and drinks, or a toothache that doesn’t pass after a few hours. If you experience persistent discomfort in a tooth, then please let us know right away.

Preventing Infection with Filling

To stop discomfort and prevent infection, we may suggest a filling for those with cavities. The procedure begins with the administration of a local anesthesia to numb the tooth. We then remove any and all decay, and clean the tooth thoroughly. We apply the filling material, a composite resin that is metal-free and color-matched to blend with your tooth structure. As we sculpt the composite resin, we also cure this material under a light. The final step involves polishing the tooth thoroughly. In one visit, we bring a stop to your decay and prevent further complications, all while ensuring the final result looks natural and blends with your smile.

Avoiding Future Cavities

But how do we avoid issues like tooth decay? First, make sure you brush your teeth with a fluoride toothpaste for two minutes when you wake up and again before going to sleep. Flossing before bed is essential too, as this reaches trapped food particles your toothbrush bristles could not be able to. You also help cutting back on sugary foods and drinks, which deprives harmful bacteria of a full meal. Be sure you attend checkup and cleaning visits every six months too. An exam lets us keep an eye on your smile for cavities, and a cleaning enables us to remove all harmful plaque and tartar to prevent further enamel erosion. If you have any questions about how we treat tooth decay in one visit with a lifelike filling, then contact our team today.

Your Cleveland, TX Dentist’s Office Provides Restorations  

Cleveland Family Dentistry in Cleveland, TX wants to help you enjoy an attractive smile with a custom restoration. To find out more about how we treat decayed or infected teeth, then contact our office at (281) 592-1234 to schedule your appointment today.