A Filling Could Stop Your Toothache

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If you have pain in one of your teeth that doesn’t seem to subside, then this could point to a serious cavity that needs attention right away. To treat a dental cavity, we offer a restoration that only takes one visit to place. In today’s blog, your Cleveland, TX, dentist explains how we use fillings to stop toothaches and restore the health and function of your tooth.

The Causes of an Aching Tooth

While sinus or allergy issues, or even changes in elevation, could cause short-lived aches, persistent tooth sensitivity and toothaches could be a sign of a cavity. Tooth decay occurs when harmful bacteria is no longer held at bay by the outer enamel. Poor oral hygiene or injury could have weakened or damaged this protective layer. Once bacteria reach the inner dentin, decay forms. The tooth could develop discomfort once the bacteria finally contact the inner pulp. At this point, treatment is crucial as the risk of an infection has increased significantly. If you experience pain in your smile, please let us know right away.

Treatment with a Filling

If our dental exam uncovers a cavity, then we will administer a local anesthetic to numb the area around the tooth. We then remove all decay and clean the tooth. Our team prepares the filling material, a metal-free mixture of glass and acrylic that we tint to blend with your tooth. The material, known as composite resin, is placed in several layers and as we cure the composite resin under a light, we sculpt your tooth. The last step involves polishing the tooth for a more esthetically-pleasing appearance. In one visit we halt discomfort, prevent infection, and preserve the beauty and function of your tooth.

Preventing Future Discomfort

With routine care both at home and in our office, you can help prevent future cases of tooth decay. For example, be sure you brush and floss your teeth daily to remove the stray food particles that could feed bacteria and cause harmful plaque buildup weakening enamel with time. You should also cut back on sugary foods and drinks as these particles in particular are often consumed by bacteria. Every six months, make time to see us for a checkup and cleaning too, so we can improve the beauty and health of your smile. If you have any questions about treating or avoiding tooth decay, then contact our team today to learn more.

Do You Need a Dental Restoration?

When there is persistent pain and sensitivity in a tooth treatment is crucial, which is why the team at Cleveland Family Dentistry in Cleveland, TX offers tooth-colored dental fillings. Contact our office at (281) 592-1234 to schedule your appointment today. We want to provide a lifelike solution for dental cavities.