Smile Sounds: How To React If You Recently Heard…

You know that your smile sometimes feels different than it usually does. It may look different from time to time, as well. However, if you suddenly notice that it sounds different, this may come as quite a shock! What to think about changes in terms of noises that are emanating from your mouth, you wonder? Well, as you might imagine, our Cleveland, TX team always encourages you to pick up the phone to call us, so we can provide you with an accurate answer (and any necessary solution) during a visit. For now, let’s help you solve the mystery of some common, easy-to-hear oral health related symptoms!

A Popping Sound

Are you hearing a popping sound? Or, maybe it’s more like a snapping or crackling. Whatever the case, if this is something you recognize as you move your mouth, it is likely related to your jaw joints, also called your TMJs. Changes in sound suggest there may be something a bit off with your TMJ function, that the joints are under pressure, and that you may require TMJ treatment. Rather than waiting, come in soon, so we can help you avoid any significant damage, as we treat the heart of the issue with gentle care.

A Comment About A Grinding Noise

Has someone mentioned to you that they heard you grinding your teeth? You may not like this fact but it’s also something you should not overlook. When you grind (or clench) without realizing it but to the extent that someone else does, it may mean you have bruxism disorder. In short, it’s when you are involuntarily (but quite consistently) grinding and clenching your teeth. Again, we offer some gentle, effective treatment for it, which will help things get better, so you can avoid serious oral health damage down the line.

The Mention That You’re A Loud Snorer

Did someone tell you that you snore? Maybe to add insult to injury, they told you that you snore very loudly! While you may want to pretend nothing is happening, we strongly encourage you to come in to find out what’s happening and how it may be related to your oral health. Snoring is actually something that happens when soft tissues contact one another in your throat as you sleep, which we can often address with gentle therapy (like for the aforementioned issues, you’ll simply need to wear a mouthguard). Come in soon for care!

Keep Your Smile Safe By Seeing Us About Symptoms

Don’t ignore any symptoms related to your smile, whether you recognize them with the help of your vision, your ears, or any other one of your senses! Instead, dial us up right away for stellar help to fix the issue! Call our Cleveland Family Dentistry office in Cleveland, TX, today at (281) 592-1234. We proudly serve patients and their families from Cleveland and all surrounding communities.