Relief from Teeth-Grinding and Jaw Pain

Bruxism is the unconscious grinding of your teeth, while TMJ (temporomandibular joint) disorder describes pain and malfunction in one or both of your jaw joints. In many cases, we can treat bruxism and TMJ disorder non-invasively with a custom-designed oral appliance. The device helps relieve symptoms, protect your teeth, and help your jaw rest more comfortably.

Treating Bruxism

The problem with bruxism is that it often occurs at night and is therefore difficult to detect for many patients. In fact, you may not realize there’s an issue until your examination reveals excessive wear and damage to your teeth. If so, then you may need one or more restorations, such as a dental crown, to rebuild your tooth structure as part of your treatment plan.

Treating TMJ Disorder

Temporomandibular joint disorder comes in many different forms, from damage to your TMJ cartilage to a slipped disk that makes it difficult for the joints to move freely. Although, the problem can often be resolved by realigning the jaw with an oral appliance, some patients may require orthodontic treatment to correct a misaligned bite.

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