Let’s Talk About Tooth Extraction

Cleveland, TX, dentist offers tooth extraction

In a recent blog, we discussed how CEREC crowns can be used to repair your tooth in one day. But what do you do if your pearly white has been severely damaged? There are circumstances in which a crown will not be able to restore the structure. Instead, your dentist may recommend removing the structure altogether. In today’s blog, your Cleveland, TX, family dentistry is here to explain when and why extraction is necessary.

Removing A Tooth Is The Last Resort

In most cases, your dentist will do their best to keep your natural teeth intact. However, there are some circumstances in which this may not be possible. When this happens, they may suggest removing it instead. This may be recommended if the structure is severely infected, or damaged, or is causing your other pearly whites to become misaligned.

In many cases, an infection can be relieved with a root canal treatment. During this process, the infected layer is removed, and the area is cleaned. When the infection is too severe, though, it can put your other teeth at risk. If you have damaged a tooth, a crown may be able to restore it. However, if it has been severely fractured or a large portion of your pearly white has been lost, it may be best to take it out and avoid an infection. Lastly, if a tooth is causing problems with your alignment, it may be removed to make the orthodontic process easier. This may be done before braces or when your wisdom teeth grow in.

What To Expect From The Extraction Process

We know that invasive dental procedures are not something that patients look forward to. Our goal is to help patients feel comfortable during this treatment. Before the treatment begins, the local area will be numbed for your comfort. If the procedure is more extensive, other methods of sedation may be used. Then, the dentist will gently remove the structure using their tools. If necessary, sutures will be used to close the area of the incision. It may take a few days to recover from this. In the meantime, eat soft foods and avoid anything that may irritate the area.

Once you have healed, you can discuss replacement options with your dentist. If the tooth was removed due to overcrowding, you may not need to replace it. However, you will need to replace it if the structure is necessary to the function of your smile. Prosthetic replacement options may include a bridge or implants depending on your needs.

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