What To Know Before Your Bridge Or Dentures


Cleveland family dentistry offers dentures and bridges In yesterday’s blog, we discussed the different prosthetic options available for patients who are missing teeth. Filling in the gaps in your smile not only boosts your confidence but also helps keep your jawbone and other teeth healthy. Once you and your dentist have discussed what the best option is for you, your appointment can be scheduled. In today’s blog, your Cleveland, TX, family dentistry is here to tell you what to expect during the placement of your artificial teeth.

The Consultation, Appointment, And Placement

The process of bridges and dentures is fairly similar. Before any kind of treatment, you will first need a consultation with your dentist to determine what the best form of prosthetic is for you. To have a bridge, the surrounding teeth will need to be strong enough to support the pontics. Dentures may be better suited for patients who have an entire missing row of teeth.

Once the best option is chosen, there will be some minor preparation for your existing teeth. In some cases, you may need to have a few teeth pulled if they are no longer healthy. Then, measurements of your oral cavity will be taken to create the prosthetic piece.

While you wait for your artificial teeth to come in, you will have temporary ones placed. This allows you to still be able to chew and speak without problems.

The prosthetics will be created in a lab and then sent back to your dentist. When these arrive, your final appointment can be scheduled. If you are receiving a bridge, they will be bonded together to your natural teeth. Dentures will naturally suction to your mouth, and you can use denture glue for extra security. Your dentist will check that these fit well and feel comfortable. Then, you have your new smile.

Caring For Your Artificial Teeth

You will be able to follow your normal oral hygiene routine with a dental bridge. There will be no need to remove this to clean it. To clean around or under the area, there are special tools available to help you reach it without accidentally removing the piece.

Dentures that are not secured in place with implants will need to be removed daily. Remove the pieces and keep them in a clean container. There are denture cleaning solutions you can use once a week to keep these free of bacteria. Every day, brush your teeth and rinse your mouth as usual.

Be sure to continue visiting your dentist twice a year for your checkups. This helps maintain a healthy smile and can monitor for any potential problems. If you have any questions about your new prosthetics, you can always call us to ask.

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