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Dental infections can affect the actual tooth, or they can be within the structures that support the tooth like the gums and bone. No matter the location, the bacteria associated with dental infections can be dangerous to your systemic health. In today’s blog, your Cleveland, TX, dentist explores the signs and symptoms of dental infections and how we can help protect your wellness.

Deep Decay

If you have been told you have a cavity or area of dental decay, don’t put off having it treated. Decay continues to spread until the bacteria and infection are removed. If the decay spreads too deep into the tooth it will eventually reach the vulnerable pulp. This inner-most area is filled with blood vessels that will send the bacteria into the bloodstream which can exacerbate other health issues.

If the decay does spread into the pulp, a root canal will be necessary to restore health to your body. This procedure is feared by many but is normally an easy experience. The dentist or endodontist will gently numb the area and then remove and clean all bacteria from the root canals. Then the canals will be sealed with a special material that will fill and protect the area from future infection.

Fractured Tooth

If a tooth is fractured just in the portion above the gum line a crown is sufficient to restore and protect it. This is a life-like porcelain restoration that will typically cover the entire tooth. If the crack has spread too deep or onto the root, the tooth may need to be extracted. The fracture allows bacteria to enter vulnerable areas that will cause infection if left untreated.

We have options to fill in the gap if a tooth has been extracted. An implant is the best alternative since they are extremely sturdy and dependable. They can sometimes be placed on the same day as the extraction which saves healing time. With an implant, a titanium post is placed into the jawbone, and it will eventually fuse to your bone acting just like a natural tooth. After some healing time, the beautiful life-like crown is screwed onto the implant post.

Periodontal Disease

Infections can be caused by bacteria and plaque that live and thrive around your teeth and gums. Most of the time periodontal disease is caused by poor hygiene but sometimes other factors like smoking or diabetes can spur the disease. It is vital to keep an eye on signs such as bleeding gums, red tissues, or inflammation to catch the infection early.

If caught in its infancy, a professional cleaning along with an excellent hygiene routine can reverse the damage caused by gingivitis. If allowed to progress, the gum infection can lead to tooth loss and further bone destruction. If you find yourself with a more severe form of periodontal disease, a deep cleaning or scaling and root planing is needed to arrest the disease process. This involves cleaning deep below the gum tissues and smoothing bacteria and debris from the root surfaces.

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