A Gentle Approach To Tooth Extraction

Cleveland tooth extraction

A tooth extraction means we carefully remove a tooth that would otherwise threaten the health and stability of your smile. Simply put, these are teeth beyond saving with a crown. In today’s blog, your Cleveland, TX, dentist explains how we approach tooth extraction, and discusses how we keep you comfortable during the procedure.

When We Prescribe Tooth Extraction

A tooth extraction is recommended when the presence of an infected or damaged tooth could eventually threaten the stability of the smile. For example, we can remove teeth with severe decay or infection, or with damage that a crown cannot address. Our team can take our ones loosened by gum disease, or to make room for orthodontic treatment. Sometimes, this aids in the improvement of bite balance and chewing capabilities. We also extract teeth to avoid wisdom tooth impaction, which could occur once your wisdom teeth erupt. Removing them helps prevent complications like impaction, infection, misalignment, and damaged teeth.

Taking Steps to Keep You Comfortable

We know you may feel a little apprehensive about removing a tooth. But we take time to ensure you’re comfortable and relaxed, even if you have dental anxiety. In addition to a local anesthetic to the area where the tooth is being removed, we can also administer dental sedation. The option we choose will be based on your age, weight, medical history, and more. You then enter a calm and relaxed state, with little or no memory of the procedure afterward. This can make care possible for those with special needs as well.

The Tooth Extraction Process

Our team will start by carefully examining your smile with digital x-rays, so we can see the position of the tooth and plan the removal with precision. We want to make sure we avoid blood vessels, nerve tissues, and sinus cavities. We then numb your smile and administer sedation. With a pair of forceps, we will gently remove the tooth and suture the area closed. The entire process could take as little as 30 minutes. The sutures will be removed in a follow up visit. Be sure you have a friend or family member on hand to bring you home, and take any prescribed medications as recommended. Try to rest for the first day or two, and eat soft foods and avoid straw use. Be sure you’re gentle when brushing and flossing too. If you have any questions, then contact our team today!

Speak With Your Cleveland, TX Dentist About Oral Surgery

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