Dental Crowns: 4 Very Helpful R-Words! 

Dental crowns are often a restorative care treatment that trips up our patients in terms of what they can expect. On one hand, you may feel extremely concerned about how your tooth and entire smile is going to look after placement. On the other hand, our Cleveland, TX team knows that you may become more and more worried about how long your crown will last and what it will take to keep it safe. With all of that said, we are more than pleased to be able to remind you that it’s very easy to protect, use, and enjoy your crown (and whole smile), once your treatment is completed. What makes us say this, you ask? Consider some R-words to help you out!

#1: They Are Resilient

Nope, dental crowns are not going to require you to start practicing any type of extensive, special, or different care. Instead, you can keep on keeping on with the dental care that has always been required of you to enjoy optimal oral health. Remember, your crowns will be able to deal with daily eating, speaking, and the other ways you rely on your teeth. We remind you that it’s up to you to continue to brush your smile two times a day, to make sure you’re flossing one time a day, and to then remember to keep your dental checkups and cleanings on your calendar with our team twice annually!

#2: They’re Reliable

Did you know that dental crowns are actually very reliable? Of course, they have to be if you’re going to be able to rely on them to offer your damaged tooth complete coverage and protection. Fortunately, you can expect to enjoy them for five years, 10 years, 20 years, or more!

#3: They Look Real!

Of course, when you receive any treatment from our team, whether it’s strictly for cosmetic purposes or it’s to restore your smile’s health, we always ensure you end up with the most lifelike, realistic finish possible. You can expect your dental crown to look beautiful, genuine, and to blend in with the rest of your smile! There are no worries about the crown looking artificial because it will be custom crafted and made out of materials that look similar to natural tissue!

#4: They Restore Your Smile

Right. As intended, dental crowns restore your smile, when you’re dealing with serious damage! Four cheers for restorative care!

Enjoy The Benefits Of Dental Crowns

Feel over the moon about your dental crown, when you need one, once you realize that this restorative treatment gives you a very long list of benefits! Find out all about them, when you see our team! Call our Cleveland Family Dentistry office in Cleveland, TX, today at (281) 592-1234. We proudly serve patients and their families from Cleveland and all surrounding communities.