4 Basic, Frustrating Side Effects Of Decay

When tooth decay develops, you already know that this is bad news because it means your oral health has been compromised to a certain degree. With that said, we remind you that there are also some other side effects to worry about that may prove extremely frustrating! The silver lining in this cavity cloud? Our Cleveland, TX team, as always, is here to help you! Remember that all you have to do is schedule a visit with us, so we may examine your smile and offer care to fix the problem ASAP!

#1: It Can Hurt

We remind you that tooth decay can become very uncomfortable because the nerves in your teeth become exposed, as your tissue goes away. The longer the decay is present, the more tissue you lose, and the greater the discomfort. With that said, it stands to reason that addressing your cavity as soon as possible is most definitely to your benefit. Remember, as well, that when you come in for consistent checkups and we have the opportunity to find that cavity very early, you can often avoid this altogether.

#2: It Can Mar Your Tooth’s Appearance

Cavities don’t make your tooth look any better. When tooth decay is still in its earliest stages, you may only have a very small, hard to see hole in your tooth (and often in such a way that it’s not visible). However, if the decay becomes serious or causes your tooth to break, this will not look so wonderful. Fortunately, we can fix it. In addition, you can prevent such problems by coming in regularly!

#3: It May Cause Bad Breath

Tooth decay forms as the result of bacteria that eat away some of your tooth’s tissue. The bacteria and the dying tissue can smell unpleasant, which may cause bad breath. Treat the problem to treat the symptom, too!

#4: Sensitivity Makes Eating Certain Foods Difficult

Of course, dealing with a toothache due to tooth decay is already frustrating enough. However, in some cases, you may deal with extreme sensitivity that can make it difficult to chew with that tooth. It may also cause you to deal with extra discomfort when you eat something very hot, very cold, or when you bite into certain foods (like sweets). As you may have imagined, our advice is to come in for a checkup ASAP, so we can fix that cavity with the appropriate restorative care treatment.

Stop Decay With Restorative Care

Say goodbye to tooth decay, as well as all of the frustrating and uncomfortable side effects that come with it, when you come in to see our team for the restorative care you need. One comfy smile, coming right up! Call our Cleveland Family Dentistry office in Cleveland, TX, today at (281) 592-1234. We proudly serve patients and their families from Cleveland and all surrounding communities.