Things To Change Once You Get A Cavity

Once you get a cavity, you may think of it as “the final straw.” You know that you haven’t been taking the very best care of your smile, so now that you have tooth decay and you will need to see us for a dental filling, you’re ready to change your ways! Only, you might not be entirely sure where to begin. You know brushing and flossing are essential but what else? Not to worry, our Cleveland, TX team happens to be quite experienced in the ways of improving one’s smile care, so sit back, relax, and enjoy a quick tour of some things you should probably make better in your usual routine!

The Frequency Of Your Visits

Are you seeing us as often as you should? While we’d love to see you all the time, we remind you that you really only need to come in for visits two times a year in terms of your preventive care. These are your dental checkup and cleaning appointments that allow us to both remove plaque and tartar and monitor your oral health, so you enjoy a clean smile (and you can receive any treatments you might need for little issues before they become big issues!). If you haven’t been seeing us every six months, time to make a change!

Your Sugar And Acidic Food Consumption

No, we are not going to insist that you have to give up any and all sugary or acidic foods and drinks just to protect your oral health. However, we do remind you that if you’re not too keen on developing any more tooth decay, you will take this to heart. Remember that the wearing down of your enamel is part of what takes place when you experience a cavity, which is made worse by erosion from too many acidic foods. Then, of course, there’s the fact that sugar feeds the bacteria that eat away at your tissue. Limit these selections!

Your Water Intake

Drink more water. It will help you rinse away the aforementioned acids and sugars, it’s safe, it helps neutralize the pH level in your oral environment, and it keeps your mouth moist (which is important if you don’t want tooth decay).

Your Nighttime Routine

If you don’t want to require restorative care for a cavity again, we remind you to consider what you’re doing at night. Do you get into bed with a plate filled with snacks, eat them, and then conk out? Maybe you’re sipping on tea or something sweet before bed. Stop! After your nightly brushing, consume nothing but water.

Protect Yourself From Cavities

Not too happy about the cavity that’s taking up residence in your mouth? We can fix it with a nice looking filling. Come see us soon and remember: We are also here to help you avoid additional decay in the future! Call our Cleveland Family Dentistry office in Cleveland, TX, today at (281) 592-1234. We proudly serve patients and their families from Cleveland and all surrounding communities.