Write It Down! Making Smile Care Easy.

You may feel like a walking storage tank for information. What you hear, you remember. When there’s a date that you need to keep, you’ve got it! Then again…you may feel like you’re not always really the best at remembering to follow through on things like dental visits. You may have run out of toothpaste more than once, only to forget to run to the store until it’s time to brush at night (making for an inconvenient last minute drugstore trip). These issues may seem like stuff that just happens sometimes but as far as our Cleveland, TX team is concerned: We can help you avoid such blunders! Learn more.

Go For Pen And Paper

You are more than welcome to reach for the tried-and-true paper and pen or paper and pencil when it’s time to write things down. What should you write down, you ask? Well, you should keep track of all things related to your smile and in real time! Pop a note into your planner, onto your desk calendar, onto the list hanging on the wall in your kitchen, etc. As a result, you won’t fall behind with smile care or dental visits. You’ll have something that you can check every day and to which you can refer when you have any questions about what you need and what your plans are.

Use Your Device

You might love relying on your phone for just about everything. To this we say, go ahead and make use of it for dental visits and other smile care needs, then! Use your calendar. Rely on whatever app you prefer. It’s all about what works for you. What you want to do, though, regardless of how is to record dates, times, and needs the second they come up. Right after you hang up with our team to schedule a visit, record it. Immediately after you realize you need more dental floss, add it to your ongoing list in your phone. Or, maybe you rely on recording it in your tablet or computer. Again: Whatever works for you!

The Other Stuff

You should really also write down and save our contact information somewhere. It might be on a piece of paper you’ve written on that you keep in a rolodex! It might be held onto your fridge with a magnet. Maybe you just add us as a contact in your mobile device. Keep everything written down and within reach and if a new oral health symptom arises, it’s time for a checkup, or anything else comes up, you’re prepared!

Enjoy Easy Smile Tracking

Remember that keeping track of the details in terms of your smile care is actually very easy to do. Whether you’re organized or not very organized at all, some simple tips from our team can have a world of impact! Call our Cleveland Family Dentistry office in Cleveland, TX, today at (281) 592-1234. We proudly serve patients and their families from Cleveland and all surrounding communities.