Surprising Smile Hazards: Watch Out!

There are some hazards you just don’t see coming because, even with a mindful look at the foods you’re enjoying, they are cloaked in a veil that makes them seem perfectly safe. You have some very understandable reasons for assuming you’re making good choices but then bam!…You break a tooth, you end up with a cavity, or some other form of damage happens, leaving you highly disappointed. To help further you along in what is certainly becoming a top-notch ability to detect even the subtlest of smile hazards, our Cleveland, TX team is here to impart some helpful wisdom (also known as simple smile care tips).

The Super Chewy Stuff!

There are lots of reasons to be very careful when you encounter food that takes about ten times longer to chew than other food. When it’s chewy food that’s sticky and full of sugar, remember that with each chomp, your teeth are becoming more and more saturated (which makes you more and more likely to end up with issues down the line, such as decay). In addition, the longer and harder you must chew to consume the particular selection, the harder it is on your jaws. Avoid tiring out your jaw joints with this simple smile care tip: Skip the ultra-chewy stuff.

Tough Yet Savory Delicacies

Yes, that steak looks so delightful that you realize you’re salivating before you even take a bite! However, that first bite lets you know this is no tender T-bone. When you recognize that the food you’re about to consume is extremely tough, even if it’s not hard, we remind you to practice caution. Any type of texture that results in a significant amount of physical resistance can lead to a broken tooth. It’s not what you expect but it is absolutely possible!


Plain and simple, you thought that choosing a sucker or lollipop was going to be the best choice for your sweet tooth. It’s on a stick, it barely touches your teeth, and you don’t need to bite it. What could be better? What you overlook is that the entire time you indulge in this treat, the sugars are coating your teeth. The dyes are, too! So, you’re encouraging things like cavities and stains. If you must enjoy this childhood favorite, be sure to drink water when you’re through!


Who ever thought of light, fluffy popcorn as a threat? Unfortunately, the smile care tip to be careful with popcorn is because you can crack a tooth. The good news? This one is easy: Watch for kernels that never popped, so you don’t accidentally bite down on them!

Learn About Hidden Smile Hazards From Us!

When you’re doing your absolute best to keep your smile on the path toward greatness, we remind you that it’s important to keep an eye out for potential hazards! Not sure how to optimize your care? We can help! Call our Cleveland Family Dentistry office in Cleveland, TX, today at (281) 592-1234. We proudly serve patients and their families from Cleveland and all surrounding communities.