Simple Extractions: What Are The Main Details?

To begin, you will be pleased to learn that simple extractions are comfortable. While you may be able to sense some amount of pressure, you will have absolutely no discomfort to worry about. Now, as for what the process is like and why you may suddenly find yourself requiring the removal of a tooth, let’s talk details! Remember that the goal is always to keep your smile nice and healthy. Sometimes, removing a tooth is the best answer.

Why You Need One

You may need a simple extraction if something is wrong with your tooth that other restorative treatments or otherwise cannot fix. The result? The best plan is to remove the tooth. It will stop the tooth in question from becoming even more damaged or from dying. It will also protect the rest of your smile from potential consequences that may arise due to the tooth (for instance, the spread of infection from an infected tooth). Remember, we can replace the tooth once it’s removed!

What To Expect

A simple extraction may sound a tiny bit worrisome but the good news is that it’s a straightforward treatment. Consider the following main steps that you can expect:

  • We may begin with advanced imaging for a thorough understanding of the tooth
  • We will numb the extraction site and surrounding tissues
  • Then, we will loosen the tooth
  • Once the tooth is ready, we will remove the tooth with a special instrument called forceps
  • We will then dress the site, sending you home with easy-to-follow yet specific instructions for home care (not to worry, they are simple!)

Learn About Extractions From Our Team

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