Root Canal Treatment: The Main Steps

What exactly do you think happens when you receive a root canal treatment? When we ask you this question, do you shrug your shoulders? This, as you may have just noticed, is often one of the reasons patients feel uneasy about this otherwise completely straightforward, comfortable, effective restorative treatment. When you don’t know what to expect, it’s easy to make up some very over-the-top possibilities. We would like to dispel any myths you’re believing as fact and instead, let you know what really goes on!

Step: Numbing Your Tissues

Nothing starts until your tissues are nice and comfortable (meaning the topical anesthetic we have applied has worked and you can’t feel a thing at or surrounding the root canal treatment site).

Step: Pulp Removal

First, we will make a small hole in your tooth. We do this because we are going to remove the pulp from your tooth. Your dental pulp has been compromised, is infected, or is damaged. We remove it with this treatment because it’s not going to get better (which can lead to a dead tooth). Remember: You won’t feel any of this!

Step: Cleaning Your Tooth

Now, the pulp is gone! We will move forward with your treatment by removing debris, cleaning and smoothing your dental tissue, and getting it ready to be a whole structure again.

Step: Sealing Your Roots

Now, to prevent any future infection or problem, we seal your roots with a rubbery substance (it’s known as gutta percha).

Step: Filling And Crowning Your Tooth

Completing your root canal treatment will often require us to fill your tooth to ensure it is structurally sound. Then, as a method of final protection and to restore the beauty of your tooth, we cover it with a dental crown.

Feel Good About Receiving A Root Canal With Us

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