Dental Fillings: The Things You Can Expect

So, you need to see us soon for your dental filling. There might be a lot going on in your mind, since you know it’s very important to deal with decay (it can lead to some problems like infection when you ignore it). However, when the steps that go into this restorative procedure remain a mystery to you, it can cause some stress and frustration. To help you feel all around confident regarding your choice to say goodbye to your cavity, we would like to ensure you feel educated on what you can expect!

You Can Expect Numb Tissues

The very first thing you can expect from us when you come in for your dental filling appointment is to receive a local anesthetic. We are not going to begin a restorative treatment before you’re completely at ease and comfortable. So, prepare to feel relaxed before anything else.

You Can Expect Decay Removal

We will need to clean your tooth, so there is no more tooth decay. That’s the first goal of a dental filling. As you know, bacteria have eaten away some of your dental tissue, leaving behind a hole. When you don’t come in for this treatment, the hole gets worse because more and more tissue decays. When you do, the decay is cleaned away, your tooth is prepared for a filling, and we can move forward toward ensuring the problem stops.

We Fill The Opening

Your tooth is clean, the decayed tissue is all gone, and your cavity is ready to be filled. We use something we call composite, which is a synthetic material that we will lightly tint to match the rest of your tooth. We fill the opening carefully, dry the material, sculpt it so your bite remains balanced, and then you’re done. Your tooth is healthy and whole and pretty again!

Learn More About Fillings And Care For Your Smile With Us

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