3 Ways To Break A Tooth This Holiday

It’s possible, of course, to break a tooth any time of the year. It’s not a happy detail to reflect on but, nonetheless, it is the truth! While we don’t want you to think you’re safer when we aren’t celebrating the winter holidays, we would like to point out those particular aspects of the holiday season that can make a broken tooth more likely. As a result, you may be more careful with your choices to keep them from happening to you!

#1: Falling Down

We know. You are not a child, so the idea of falling down is something you don’t think about very often! However, there’s a greater risk this time of year and we’re happy to explain why! To avoid a broken tooth, remember the following: Carrying large items like gifts can obscure your view, causing you to trip. Walking on ice (perhaps you’re leaving Texas for holiday fun) is slippery and can cause you to fall. You see? It’s possible.

#2: Exotic Foods

No, we don’t mean foods you have never tasted or heard of before. We mean the stuff on the table before you that you only eat once a year. Bite into something very hard (that you didn’t realize was hard) just right and you’ve got yourself a broken tooth! How to avoid this issue? Take a look at what you’re eating, ask your host or hostess questions about ingredients, etc.

#3: Make Friends With Scissors

Don’t go the gift wrap experience with your fingers alone this year. Use scissors. For cutting, tearing, opening, removing, etc. Your teeth won’t accidentally become broken if you don’t try to use them for things they’re not meant to do!

Keep Your Teeth Safe This Holiday!

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