Why Fix Old Dental Work?

So you have a denture that you are pretty sure needs fixing or replacing. Your crown used to fit correctly but it seems out of place when you bite down. You’re sort of certain a filling you got a long time ago never really fit correctly with your bite. Whatever the case may be, if you’re dealing with old dental work that seems like it could use some sprucing up (or complete replacement), it’s always best to come see us than to try to ignore it. Wondering why? Find out!

All About Your Balance

The balance of your bite means you can chew, relax, and talk all without any discomfort. If you have even the slightest imbalance, you may feel it in your jaw joints, you may develop bruxism, and you might find eating and speaking a bit hard. Fix the work to fix the balance.

Where Bacteria May Hide

If there’s even the smallest opening where your filling was once complete, if your dental crown isn’t actually fitting securely over your tooth anymore, or any other issue occurs that leaves a small opening, you could be headed for trouble. Bacteria hide in tiny spaces. If you have an opening between dental work and your tooth, decay and infection will likely occur. Fix the problem before complications arise.

Irritation Can Happen

You might not realize that you’re dealing with growing irritation on a daily basis if you ignore old dental work that needs to be fixed or replace. A partial denture, for instance, may continually rub against your soft tissues. At first, it may result in a minor annoyance. Eventually, however, it can lead to sores and even infection if you don’t address the issue.