Why You Might Need An Extraction

If you are given the news that you need a dental extraction, it’s because your tooth needs to be removed to protect your oral health. While you can certainly appreciate our goal to keep your smile in excellent condition, you might not really understand why we cannot save your tooth. Keep in mind that we only suggest an extraction when it is the only option left! As for some reasons this may come up, learn a bit more (and remember that we can replace your tooth if necessary).

Your Tooth Is Diseased Or Damaged

A common reason for a dental extraction is a tooth that is too damaged or too unhealthy for us to save. In this case, leaving the tooth in place is going to lead to serious consequences both for the tooth as well as for the rest of your smile. To prevent additional damage and the possibility of infection (or the spread of infection), we take the tooth out to restore your health.

You Need More Room!

You might just need more room in your smile. If you have been making plans for orthodontic treatment, certain types of misalignment require the removal of teeth in order to move forward with plans for alignment. This is very common in cases of overcrowded smiles.

Your Wisdom Tooth Needs To Go

Dental extractions to remove wisdom teeth are also very common. For some, wisdom teeth present no problem whatsoever. For others, wisdom teeth never develop. For everyone else, these third molars create a lot of problems (which can be addressed or even prevented with removal).