Family Dentist in Liberty, TX

A lifetime of healthy, beautiful smiles begins with (and relies on) a good hygiene routine at home and a consistent schedule of visits to your dentist’s office. At Cleveland Family Dental, our patients are family, and we offer residents throughout Liberty’s 77538 area an impressive range of highly personalized, quality dental services, as well as tips for improving hygiene at home.

General Dentistry

Like your home hygiene practices, general dentistry often focuses on prevention. Checkups and cleanings remove harmful plaque and tartar from your teeth to prevent issues such as tooth decay and gum disease. Custom oral appliances can help prevent damage to your teeth from bruxism, or help you prevent health concerns related to excessive snoring and sleep apnea.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Even when your teeth are in optimal health, certain blemishes like teeth stains and chipped edges can still affect your smile’s overall appearance. Cosmetic dentistry services include a variety of personalized, minimally invasive options for enhancing your smile’s appearance, such as teeth-whitening to erase stains and tooth bonding to repair chipped and worn surfaces. For more comprehensive improvement, your dentist may recommend one or more porcelain veneers.

Restorative Dentistry

Because teeth cannot repair themselves or heal when damaged, restorative dentistry is an important part of preserving your healthy, natural smile. When you have a cavity, a tooth filling can treat it before the decay spreads through the rest of your tooth. If your tooth is cracked or broken, then a dental crown can restore it and protect it from further damage. In some cases, a tooth may be too damaged to restore, in which case tooth extraction may be necessary.

Prosthetic Dentistry

With routine dental care, you can prevent most causes of tooth loss, such as gum disease. However, if you do lose one or more teeth, you can still preserve the rest of your smile by replacing them with a dental prosthesis. In many cases, we may suggest supporting your dental bridge or denture on an appropriate number of dental implants, which are placed into your jawbone to mimic your lost teeth roots and offer comparable support for your dental prosthesis.

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