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Teen Volunteers And TAB Meeting  

Do your teens love spending time at the library? Perhaps they are always on the lookout for volunteer and community service options? If your children are interested in becoming part of local leadership in our Cleveland, TX community and have a penchant for the world of books, then this might be just the event. Don’t… Read more »

Flossing Benefits: A Much-Needed Lightning Round!

Sometimes, it’s easy to get caught up solely in what you really want to do versus what you don’t feel like doing, rather than considering the why behind accomplishing that particular task. When it comes to flossing your smile as part of your daily smile care, for instance, you may decide that you’re not really… Read more »

Smile Sounds: How To React If You Recently Heard…

You know that your smile sometimes feels different than it usually does. It may look different from time to time, as well. However, if you suddenly notice that it sounds different, this may come as quite a shock! What to think about changes in terms of noises that are emanating from your mouth, you wonder?… Read more »

Friends Of The Library Meeting

Do you love the smell of old books, do you love reading, and are you quite a supporter of local activities? Are you curious about the events at your local Cleveland, TX library? Have you ever wondered about what goes into planning the programs and more that you and your family have access to every… Read more »

The Gingivitis Rundown: Essentials To Remember! 

If gingivitis isn’t something you can exactly rattle off lots of facts about, in terms of keeping your smile very healthy, then now is probably a very good time to allow our Cleveland, TX team to help you take care of that! Why, you wonder? Well, just like other issues, such as tooth decay, that… Read more »

If You Don’t Get The Restorative Care You Need…

When we determine that you require restorative care, this is something that you need. Unlike determining that whitening is the appropriate selection for your discoloration, or some other distinction that doesn’t impact your oral health now and in the long run, remember that any and all treatments to fix your smile are absolutely necessary. With… Read more »

Fall Festival Vendor Applications: Accepted Now! 

Autumn may seem a ways off but before you know it, the weather will change (at least a little bit!), we’ll be pulling out the pumpkin decor, and fall will be in full swing. While you’ve still got some summer to soak up before it’s officially gone, this is your reminder that if you are… Read more »

4 Basic, Frustrating Side Effects Of Decay

When tooth decay develops, you already know that this is bad news because it means your oral health has been compromised to a certain degree. With that said, we remind you that there are also some other side effects to worry about that may prove extremely frustrating! The silver lining in this cavity cloud? Our… Read more »

What Are Your Smile Care Wants?

As you know, there are smile care needs, such as keeping your oral health safe with preventive care or restorative treatments … and there are wants, such as making your smile look better! So, while you may spend the bulk of your time focusing on what it absolutely necessary for keeping your teeth, gums, and… Read more »

In A Pickle Festival 

Happen to be quite a fan of the pickle? Of just about anything pickled? How about of nearly anything else even remotely associated with pickles? If there’s really nothing better that you can think of, then the upcoming In A Pickle Festival may be right up your alley! Take a quick hop out of our… Read more »