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Gentle Care: 4 Important Tidbits

The best care for your smile is gentle care. You might have heard this mentioned a time or two but you may not have really understood what was meant. Since we happen to feel very strongly about helping you keep your smile in amazing health, our Cleveland, TX team wants you to know just what… Read more »

Terrible Breath? Reclaim Your Reputation With Our Help!

Are you starting to feel like your friends really like you but for some reason, they don’t want to stand very close to you when you’re chatting? Have you noticed that you get a better response from loved ones when you’re texting than when you’re face-to-face? Well then, you may be the current owner of… Read more »

Story Time At The Library

Have you ever been to Story Time at the library? If not, you and your kiddos are missing out on a real treat! When you find that by the middle of the week, you’re ready to bring your little one out of the house for something that will put a smile on both of your… Read more »

Fun Facts: Ways To Perk Up Your Hygiene Sessions

Your dental hygiene is built to promote a smile that you feel proud of because it’s ticking off all the boxes: It’s clean, it’s healthy, and it’s nice to look at! While you know brushing and flossing are what it takes to make this all-star smile a reality, you might find that you’re missing the… Read more »

2019 Glamour Expo

As you may have noticed, the City of Cleveland, TX most certainly has a soft spot for those in love and ready to plan their weddings! Don’t miss out on your chance to attend the upcoming expo our community is presenting. It’s the 2019 Glamour Expo and it is certain to help you with every… Read more »

3 Times To Give Your Brush A Break

There are some times when your toothbrush is going to offer you some truly powerful smile cleansing, which will offer you and your oral health great support! However, there are also some instances in which it may be time to say goodbye to the toothbrush you’re currently using (or when you may need to ease… Read more »

TMJ Disorder: Why It Might Be Happening

When you come to our Cleveland, TX practice to learn why you’re dealing with TMJ disorder and what to do about it, one thing you will learn is that we cannot always uncover the exact reason behind the issue. Then again, there are some very obvious factors that often come into play, which will become… Read more »

Answered: Your “Can This Affect Anyone?” Questions

You may ask yourself on occasion, whether the potential oral health problems you hear about can affect you. You wonder: Sure, cavities sound like a not so wonderful thing but can they affect just anyone? How about something like gum disease, is it going to affect every single person who doesn’t brush and floss as… Read more »

Electric Toothbrushes: Answering Questions You Feel Embarrassed About

How many times have you visited our Cleveland, TX practice with the goal of not only enjoying a visit but also with the goal of asking about electric toothbrushes? How many times have you actually asked your questions? If the answer is “never” because you have felt too embarrassed about what you’d like to ask… Read more »

Your Smile: Your Responsibilities Versus Our Responsibilities

When we’re talking about smile care as a whole, you already know that you’ve got some responsibilities to take care of on a regular basis in order to keep those teeth and gums nice and healthy. You’ve got short-term, daily responsibilities and then you’ve got the long-term goals, too. While you may not think about… Read more »