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Dental Crowns: Less Obvious Reasons You May Need One

As you will continue to learn, there are many, many reasons you may require a dental crown. Some are extremely apparent (you break a tooth). Others, however, are not quite so clear. As you accumulate facts, you will begin to have a better ability to make sense of treatment options and how they may help… Read more »

Cleveland Rotary Club Annual Baseball And Softball Tournament

Take a gander at our local Cleveland Rotary Club and community members as they compete against one another during the upcoming 34th Annual Rotary Baseball and Softball Tournament! It’s a nice way to spend the day and it’s for a very good cause.

Facts About Tooth Loss that You Should Know

If you’ve already lost one or more teeth, then you’re already familiar with some of the more obvious consequences of tooth loss. For instance, the gap (or gaps) in your smile can have a significant impact on its appearance, and the more teeth you’ve lost, the more difficult it may be to bite, chew, and… Read more »

How To Know You Probably Need Root Canal Treatment

Did you know that you may or may not have a sudden inkling that it may be time for root canal treatment? How are you supposed to know then, you wonder, if you should be scheduling time to come in to see us for restorative care? The answer is: Sometimes you’ll have a pretty good… Read more »

What Won’t Happen During A Filling

There are things that you know will happen during your dental filling. You know that we will address your tooth decay, remove some tissue, and then fill the opening to restore your smile. However, what about things that won’t be happening? By considering such factors, you may find that you feel much more relaxed about… Read more »

Stock My Pond Event

While it’s not here yet, spring is certainly on it’s way! If that means you’re getting ready to stock your pond for the warm weather that’s finally making its appearance, then you just might be able to make good use of the upcoming Stock My Pond event!

Invisalign Treatment: What’s Getting Started Like?

You may have no qualms about straightening your smile with Invisalign treatment as you visualize your dramatically improved smile. However, what you may feel a little uneasy about is how you’re supposed to get started with this orthodontic system. Particularly if you are new to care for misalignment concerns, you may not have the first… Read more »

Why You Might Suddenly Need A Crown!

There are times when you can expect a dental crown. For instance, if you’ve talked with us about the best way to approach serious esthetic damage and we have determined that instead of veneers, a crown is going to better suit your needs. Or, you plan on coming in for a root canal treatment and… Read more »

AARP Tax Preparation Event

No, it’s not the most exciting event you could imaging putting on your calendar. However, it will most certainly put a smile on your face and help you feel quite relieved! Show up to the AARP Tax Preparation event (don’t worry, it’s ongoing, so you’ll have time) to get your taxes ready to go.