Porcelain Veneers Revamp Your Smile

Cleveland, TX, dentist offers veneers

If you are unhappy with the appearance of your pearly whites, there are several enhancement options available. Professional whitening can boost their vibrancy, or composite resin can be bonded to the area to disguise blemishes. For patients with several flaws throughout their grins, veneers may be an efficient way to correct several imperfections at once. Today, your Cleveland, TX, family dentist is here to explain what to expect during this process.

Before Receiving Veneers

Like any other cosmetic procedure, you will first need a consultation to ensure that this is a good option for your needs. Your dentist will examine your oral cavity to check for problems such as cavities, gum disease, or damaged teeth. If any concerns are noticed, they will recommend an alternative treatment that can repair these problems. For patients whose teeth and gums are in good shape, the process can begin.

Typically, this cosmetic procedure is done on the teeth that are most visible in your smile. You and your dentist will collaborate to decide which of your pearly whites you would like to correct and choose what shade you would like the shells to be created. Impressions of your smile will be sent to a lab to create your porcelain shells. Before they are placed, a small portion of your tooth will need to be shaved down so they can fit. When the pieces are ready, your dentist will check to ensure they fit and adjust if necessary. Finally, the veneers will be cemented in place.

Restoring Your Teeth

As mentioned above, if there are concerns with your gums or teeth, you may be unable to have this improvement done. Instead, restorative treatments may be necessary. Veneers cannot be placed if there are signs of decay because your enamel can deteriorate beneath the shell. If you have a broken or damaged tooth, your dentist may recommend that a crown be placed over the area instead. Dental crowns are used to repair and protect the tooth, whereas veneers are used solely for esthetic purposes. It is important to restore your pearly whites after injury to prevent further harm or infection from occurring.

For patients who have worn down teeth due to bruxism, it is important to have this problem addressed first. The porcelain shells used for this cosmetic treatment are used for esthetic purposes and cannot protect your teeth. Before having them placed, your dentist may recommend wearing an oral appliance at night to alleviate your symptoms, as well as placing dental crowns on areas that have been harmed by chronically grinding your teeth together.

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