Natural-Looking Fillings Can Repair Your Smile

Cleveland, TX, dentist offers tooth-colored fillings for cavities

As discussed in previous blogs, there are several ways to restore your pearly whites after damage. From cavities to cracks, we will do our best to repair the problem so that you can have a healthy smile again. In today’s blog, your Cleveland Family Dentistry discusses the importance of filling a cavity. This simple mending can bring your tooth back to health and will look just like your natural dentition.

Common Causes Of Cavities

More than half of all adults will experience a cavity in their lifetime. Even with proper oral hygiene, caries can still develop. Your diet and genetics play a large role in the likelihood of tooth decay. In addition to these factors, the location of a tooth can also be a major component in the growth of a cavity.

Your back molars are most likely to develop dental decay. This is due to using these most often to chew in combination with being difficult to thoroughly clean. Brushing and flossing twice a day can decrease the chances of cavity-causing bacteria to grow.

How Fillings Help

During your twice-yearly dental cleaning and exam, your hygienist and dentist will check for early signs of cavities. These can be seen when the texture of your tooth changes, becomes more sensitive, and may even be discolored. Early decay can also be detected in X-rays.

If the cavity has already developed, a filling can treat the problem. First, the area may be numbed so that you can be more comfortable during the treatment. Then, the dentist will use a drill to remove the damaged area of the tooth. The area will be cleaned, and then composite resin will be used to fill the area. The tooth will be polished, and you can enjoy your repaired smile.

Composite Resin Blends In

There are several materials that may be used to fill a cavity. These can include silver, ceramic, gold, or composite resin. In our office, we opt to use composite resin. This material has several benefits, including being extremely durable, versatile, and blends in with the color of your teeth.

Fillings can last for several years, even decades, with proper care. Unlike other materials, this resin will not change shape with temperature changes. This means that you can eat or drink all of your favorite things without discomfort. Resin also bonds quite well to the surface of the tooth, so the chances of it falling out are slim. The tinting of this material can be changed to match the shade of your smile, so you do not need to worry about other people noticing this restoration.

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