Bonding And Contouring As An Alternative To Veneers

Cleveland Family Dentistry offers several cosmetic treatment options, including bonding and contouring

In our most recent blog, we talked about veneers that permanently enhance your smile. At Cleveland Family Dentistry in Cleveland, TX, we offer a variety of cosmetic treatments that can improve the appearance of your pearly whites. If you are in search of a less invasive, yet still permanent cosmetic solution, bonding and contouring may be a great option for you. Continue reading today’s blog to learn what this procedure is and the benefits it brings.

Two Cosmetic Solutions

Bonding and contouring are two different cosmetic options that can be paired together to improve your smile. The process of bonding is when we add composite resin to already existing teeth. This covers chips, gaps, and discoloration. Bonding can be compared to a crown, except without the restorative properties that crowns offer. If you are in need of repairing a tooth, talk to your dentist about a ceramic crown instead.

Contouring is the light shaving of the tooth to improve its shape and length. If you have a tooth that is longer than others or jagged, this is the perfect option for you. Many people worry that this could be painful or uncomfortable, but it is done minimally and will not cause any trouble.

How These Compare To Other Options

These treatments are a great alternative to veneers, which can be a large investment. They are just as permanent as veneers but more cost-effective and less invasive. Veneers also take several appointments, which can be an added factor when choosing the best option for yourself. When it comes to caring for your smile after the procedures, you will not have to worry about avoiding crunchy or hard foods. Bonding is long-lasting and permanent, but the material can be replaced if needed in the future.

This is also a good solution when professional teeth whitening does not work for you. For some patients, the type of staining cannot be removed if it is too deep, or if they have highly sensitive teeth. Professional whitening services also must be repeated every few years, so it may be a hassle to maintain.

Bonding and contouring can either be paired together, or you can choose to only receive one. Many patients choose to do these together to fill gaps, even out the smile, and overall improve the appearance of their teeth. These cosmetic solutions offer the great advantage of enhancing your smile, and you can leave the office after one appointment with instantly more confidence.

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