What Does a Clear Aligner Do For You?

The appearance of your smile is important. It’s not vain to worry about how your teeth look, it’s natural. You present your smile to the world in your best moments; you want to have confidence in how that smile looks. Some of the factors that affect your smile are within your control. You can use whitening strips and brush your teeth to keep them clean and healthy, however, your teeth don’t grow in according to your blueprint for the perfect smile. Sometimes, your teeth can be misaligned, creating an undesirable appearance. You don’t necessarily need braces to correct this issue.

Clear Aligners Provide an Alternative to Braces

Braces are a cumbersome treatment that is necessary in some circumstances. Younger patients who are suffering issues with misaligned teeth may need braces to correct the issue. Having an aligned bite prevents your teeth from wearing on one another as you chew. If you’re after the cosmetic effect of straightened teeth as an adult, braces may seem a little intimidating. The treatment timetable for braces is long, and they’re not exactly discreet. Clear aligners offer an alternative solution.

Clear Aligners Can Be Worn Discreetly

Clear plastic aligners are used by many adults to help subtly shift their teeth into proper alignment. This can have a positive cosmetic impact on your smile. In addition to being discreet, aligners are also easier to clean and more gentle on your teeth. Braces can leave stained spots on your teeth and even damage the surface of your teeth. Aligners don’t come with this risk, and they make it easier to clean your teeth during treatment. Again, in cases of significant misalignment, braces may be necessary to correct the structural issue.

Invisible Aligners Are Crafted for Your Smile

Your dentist will be able to determine whether invisible aligners are a good fit for you. If so, your dentist will then take precise measurements of your teeth. These measurements will be used when fabricating the aligners to ensure that they fit properly and comfortably. Aligners are a custom solution that can give you the results that you want, without some of the negative aspects of a treatment like braces.

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