Why Does Your Tooth Need to Be Extracted?

For most people, the main part of preserving their healthy smiles is preventing things that could eventually lead to tooth loss, or restoring teeth that are compromised in order to retain them. However, in some rare cases, a tooth may become so compromised that extracting it is the only way to preserve the rest of your healthy teeth and oral structure. Today, we take a closer look at the need for tooth extraction, including why it’s necessary and how to effectively restore your smile afterward.

The necessity of removing the tooth

The need to remove a tooth just because it’s compromised isn’t a common one. In fact, most cases of tooth damage, or other concerns that compromise a tooth’s health and integrity, can be effectively addressed with a custom-designed dental restoration, such as a dental crown. If extracting a tooth is necessary, it means that no other restorative option will suffice to repair and restore the tooth. Because of the nature of the tooth’s problem, it might also pose a significant threat to the rest of your oral health if it isn’t extracted as soon as possible.

Why the tooth can’t be saved

The reason why some teeth may need to be extracted is because they can’t be saved. This can be for numerous reasons, depending on the tooth’s specific concern. For example, the damage to the tooth’s crown may be so significant that it can’t support a restoration, or the tooth’s structure may have eroded so severely that it threatens the rest of your oral health. If possible, it’s usually preferable to save the tooth, which makes the recommendation to extract the tooth even more serious.

Preserving your smile after the tooth is gone

After extracting a tooth, the specific threat that it might pose to your oral health will be less of a concern. However, the tooth’s absence from your dental ridge can have several additional negative impacts if it isn’t addressed promptly. For instance, tooth loss can lead to increased risks of oral health concerns such as tooth misalignment, bite imbalances, chronic concerns like tooth decay and gum disease, and heightened risks of losing more teeth. Fortunately, many people can avoid these consequences by restoring their smiles with a lifelike replacement for the tooth after it’s been extracted.

Learn more about the need for tooth extraction

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