Answering a Few Questions About Teeth-Whitening

Teeth-whitening isn’t something that everyone needs, like routine checkups and cleanings, but the stains that the treatment erases can develop on anyone’s teeth. Because of this, teeth-whitening is one of the more frequently recommended cosmetic dental treatments, and fortunately, it’s highly effective at erasing even stubborn teeth stains. Today, we answer a few common questions about teeth-whitening treatment, and how it can improve your smile when your teeth have lost their healthy shine.

How do you know it’ll work for you?

Teeth-whitening is an effective solution for most teeth stains, but not all of them. Some forms of teeth stains can develop underneath your tooth enamel (which is semi-translucent), putting them just out of reach of teeth-whitening gel. Before recommending teeth-whitening, we’ll carefully inspect your teeth and their stains to ensure they’ll respond to the treatment. If not, we may suggest another, more effective solution, such as porcelain veneers.

How many visits will it take to finish?

If teeth-whitening is the right solution for your teeth stains, then the good news is we can complete your treatment in just a single visit! With our advanced in-office teeth-whitening treatment, we can carefully apply the gel to the surfaces of your teeth, then stimulate it with a special LED light. This activates the gel’s rapid stain-removing properties, which can effectively break up and remove stains on the surfaces of your teeth without damaging your tooth enamel.

What if your teeth can’t be whitened?

If your teeth stains aren’t the kind of teeth stains that respond to teeth-whitening, then we’ll carefully diagnose their source to find out why. In some cases, internal tooth discoloration is the result of something like taking certain medications in your youth, such as some antibiotics. In other cases, however, the discoloration in your teeth may be an indication of a more serious issue with your teeth and oral health. A careful examination and diagnosis will help us recommend the appropriate treatment for improving both your smile’s appearance and your overall oral health.

How often can I whiten my teeth?

While teeth-whitening is designed specifically to minimize any impact on your healthy tooth enamel, we don’t recommend receiving the treatment too frequently. Instead, we suggest keeping your smile bright and prolonging the results of your treatment by practicing excellent dental hygiene at home and attending regular cleanings every six months. Keeping your teeth clean will help them remain bright and healthy-looking for much longer, so you won’t need to whiten them again for some time.

Learn more about teeth-whitening

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