What’s Keeping You From Showing Off A Whiter Smile?

You feel confident that your teeth could be whiter than they are, but your efforts to improve their color have led to disappointment. Replacing your old toothpaste with a brand that promised to help with teeth stains offered relatively little improvement, and your store-bought whitening kit failed to deliver the changes you really hoped to see. At this point, you should make time to talk about your teeth whitening concerns with your Cleveland, TX dentist’s office. Our practice has helped many people see exciting results thanks to the professional whitening procedure, which can be completed in just one visit! This is one of many treatments we can provide in order to make you more confident in your smile.

You Can Be Let Down By Store-Bought Cosmetic Treatments

If you find a product at your local grocery store or pharmacy that promises to whiten your smile, you should know that the results may underwhelm you. Many individuals who have tried these different items have found that their efforts did not lead to the desired improvements. For some, this is because they were only able to remove surface stains from their enamel, and not the stains that reside in deeper layers of their teeth. For others, this is because their discoloration is the result of something other than teeth stains!

Your Discoloration May Be The Result Of Something Other Than Teeth Stains

While people often think of teeth stains as the cause of dental discoloration, there are other factors that can hurt the color of your smile. If you have suffered a dental injury, your tooth may have taken on a duller appearance. You may have noticed changes in the color of your teeth because of enamel erosion, or due to side effects from certain medications. If this is the case, even a professional whitening procedure can be less than ideal. Fortunately, there are other cosmetic dental procedures that can help. Porcelain veneers can cover these flaws in order to make teeth look brighter and healthier. We can also discuss a dental bonding and contouring procedure to improve the appearance of teeth that have become dull or otherwise flawed.

Our Practice Can Help You Show Off Your Best Smile

For people who do have concerns about teeth stains, our professional whitening treatments can be effective at giving patients better, brighter smiles. Thanks to our potent bleaching gels and special LED light, you can see improvements in as little as twenty minutes of treatment! We also provide special pens that patients can use in order to address future stains, and prolong the results of a procedure.

Talk To Cleveland Family Dentistry About Making Your Smile Whiter!

At Cleveland Family Dentistry, we are prepared to help patients who have become self-conscious about their teeth due to discoloration. To find out more about how we can help you,  call our dental office in Cleveland, TX, today at (281) 592-1234.