Autumn: 3 Smile Details To Consider Right This Moment

Here we are! It’s the most exceptionally cozy time of the entire year! It’s not so cold that you’re shivering, it’s not sweltering, and you’re shocked that summer weather has finally broken and you’re not perspiring either! What you are doing is getting excited about the gentle shift in temperatures that comprises what we call autumn in Cleveland, TX. In addition, it means that the year is starting to come to a close, as we inch our way ever closer to cooler days and nights (and the very lovely celebrations and festivities that come with them). What’s it all mean for your smile care and oral health, you wonder? We have a handful of details to consider!

#1: Consider Your Coverage

Set aside some time this evening or sometime very soon to take a closer look at your dental insurance coverage. Sure, it sounds a bit boring and tedious but remember, it’s very important and very beneficial to your oral health! You’ll remember that you’ve been keeping up with insurance benefits because they really do benefit your smile and if you have left any of those benefits unused, you’ll certainly want to address that right away! It’s only October, of course, but the time will fly and you’ll be much happier to know you’ve ended the current year having truly taken advantage of the coverage you have.

#2: Consider Your Oral Health: Is It Ready For Holiday Time?

Ooh, if you close your eyes and really focus, you can actually taste that apple pie, pumpkin pie, that roasted turkey, the cookies your aunt makes, and more! Yikes, but you are fairly sure you have a cavity and all of that eating is probably going to feel bad. You guess that if you just avoid anything too hard or crunchy, you can make it through without cracking your tooth! To this, we say: Put your dental care first. See us for restorative care or even a checkup to be sure all is well. Then, you can enjoy without reservation (and without harming your oral health during the holidays).

#3: Consider Your Appearance: Is It Making You Smile?

You may know that your chompers are absolutely ready to go! Bring on the fall fun! However, the moment you feel ready to socialize or take part in something festive, you remember that your smile is healthy … but it’s a little (or a lot) embarrassing. Hey! Don’t worry about it. Address it with our cosmetic care! See us soon, so you’re prepared to feel confident this season.

Get Your Smile Fall Ready! 

Get your smile ready for fall, winter, and the festivities that occur throughout these colder months, so you can truly enjoy yourself without worrying about your smile’s health or beauty. Call us soon! Call our Cleveland Family Dentistry office in Cleveland, TX, today at (281) 592-1234. We proudly serve patients and their families from Cleveland and all surrounding communities.